(Based on a true story)

Asombrosa Radionica

The man felt disgusted. What he needed did not just come. The contract he was waiting for was delayed. It was very important to get an agreement like that. Their economy and that of their own depended on the income that the contract represented. His mind kept spinning with the consequences that would come if that did not go ahead. He took a deep breath, relaxed a moment, and thought of possible solutions…

Then he remembered that radionic device he had acquired a couple of months ago. He used it for as an alternative treatment on some health problems that weren’t completely solved with conventional treatments. He had always had a very open mentality and when he read about radionics, he thought he could try something different without abandoning what his doctor prescribed. When he began to use that device, in a few days his problems and discomfort improved noticeably to the point of forgetting them. He thought it might have been just a mere coincidence, or maybe not. But if radionics had worked for those problems…. Why not trying to do something else with that device? Maybe he could also fix other things, as many say. What did he have to lose?


A solid foundation

poder mentalI had read a lot about the power of the mind over matter, the ability that human beings have to go beyond physical reality and get the things we want. Both old and modern schools of thought have the same idea: A continuously visualization on the results that we want, makes them extraordinarily easy to achieve. It doesn’t matter if a person believes in a Higher Self, in the Universe or only in his own mental power.

He had also read that radionics theory holds that radionic devices are «amplifiers of the mental power of the user» and also a kind of «channel of access» to the potentialities of the human mind. He already knew that using a radionic equipment was like keeping a positive visualization constantly or a permanent concentration on the resolution of any matter. So he thought that if that apparatus had helped him in a problem concerning his personal well-being, it might also be able to make things better in other cases. So he took his radionic device and placed the instruction «Make my company profitable and get my new project successfully completed.» .


An unexpected response


A few days passed and he was notified that the contract he expected was NOT going to be signed. It was a hard blow. He felt that his hope in radionics was crumbled. He took the afternoon off to think. He couldn’t find a way out from that situation, but he felt that something good was still waiting for him. So it was. The next day he got a call from another company that needed what he could offer them. They arranged an interview and he ended up with a much profitable contract than he had been waiting for, with much more better terms.

Was a mere coincidence? That was the first thing he thought. However he was astonished when months later he heard that the first company, of which he had so much wanted the contract, went bankrupt. If he had gotten to sign that first contract, it would have been his ruin. Another coincidence?

This is one of thousands of examples of solutions that can be found when focusing correctly and when employing appropriate radionic devices. At first everything may seem casual; however with the course of experiences, users conclude that there is more than simple coincidence in the processes.


How far can Radionics be used?

The advantage of a radionic device is that it can practically be applied to anything that needs to be solved, whether in the field of therapy, in personal development, relationships, in solving everyday problems or in achieving important goals. And although it is something serious, they have come to know colloquially as «wishing machines» because of the possibility of helping its users to get multiple goals of all kinds.

Although many consider radionics as a «pseudoscience», we must say that many of the alternative therapies and methods of personal development have proven their effectiveness despite discredit. On the other hand, the fact is that the vast majority of those who approach radionics with an open mind are impressed with the results. And that’s what counts at the practical level. However, it should be noted that radionics has a consistent foundation, based on the quantum theory that is now being studied and considered by many modern scientists.



The Scientific Origins of Radionics

foto pacienteThe foundation of Radionics was initially discovered by a brilliant American medical doctor: Dr. Abrams, at the beginning of the 20th century. This doctor was looking for a faster and more accurate system to detect diseases. After many tests, he realized that he could detect some kind of energy from diseases through electrical circuits. This energy was different depending on the disease. It also concluded that it was possible to transmit a corrective «frequency» to solve certain problems. The results were extraordinary. Radionics had been born.

Many other physicians, engineers, and researchers developed radionics for several generations with great success (see bibliography).

Over time, researchers concluded that just as disease-correcting frequencies could be found; frequencies or radionic measurements (also called “rates”) could also be found to influence, modulate, or correct any situation in people’s lives. This meant that it would be possible to find solutions at the vibrational level to the vital problems of the people, whenever it was to find positive solutions.

Any situation, idea or thought can be measured, quantified or tuned through a radionic device. You can also measure, quantify or tune the opposite idea. Thus, a negative current situation would have its positive counterpart. You can «tune in» measures to a particular goal such as «Improve John Horton’s communication skills,» «Attract the right relationship for Maria Garcia,» or «increase the possibility of generating more income for Helen Turner.» Once the desired idea is measured and after obtaining its coordinates, that positive vibration (containing the desired objective) can be «irradiated» on the person who wants to achieve that goal and who at the moment has not yet achieved it. It would be like applying a specific energetic «medicine» to the person being treated. That person may be the owner of the radionic apparatus or any other chosen by the person using the apparatus.

There are general measures or radionic ratios to treat ailments or diseases at the energetic level. To understand it more easily, they would be like functional homeopathic remedies, which work at a vibratory or subtle level. And there are also radionic measures or ratios to improve in aspects relative to the life of any individual. Best of all, modern radionic devices allow each person to obtain the measurements and coordinates of their own for any idea that comes to his or her mind. Then it is possible to use these measures and coordinates to get ready to achieve the objectives that you want to materialize, of any kind.

Here you have the 67 most frequent uses reported by those who own and use modern radionic devices. Devices that include subtle energy power units or high quality orgone energy generators, such as the ARE X series radionic devices (ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro):


1 Treating a huge number of health problems (at vibration level) successfully, from the simplest to the most important.

2 Increasing the effectiveness of conventional treatments.

3 Improving the application of alternative therapies even in situations considered as serious.

4 Increasing vital energy

5 Supplying vital energy to solve a specific problem

6 Increasing personal skills in one or more specific settings

7 Facilitating meditation and concentration

8 Facilitating choice of valid therapeutic alternatives

9 Improving physical appearance

10 Rejuvenating the appearance Pensamiento-Positivo1

11 Helping yourself or help others to lose weight

12 Facilitating tobacco cessation

13 Increasing attractiveness for the opposite sex

14 Attracting an appropriate loving partner

15 Improving your sex life

16 Significantly increasing the ability to memorize and study

17 Influencing other people positively

18 Improvement of economic income

19 Facilitating the flow of customers in a company

20 Increasing sales of a company

21 Facilitating sales on a personal level (for sellers)

22 Increasing the capacity of conviction and transmission of information to other people


radionica en tu vida

23 Facilitating the possibility of finding customers who want certain products

24 Helping your children with exams

25 Increasing a musical or artistic ability

26 Finding the answer to complex challenges or problems

27 Creating harmonious environments in your home, workplace or professional environment

28 Troubleshooting communications between people

29 Transferring vibratory information to water, drinks or food, to incorporate this information to your body easily.

30 Transmitting revitalizing energy to water, drinks or food

31 Vitalizing plants

32 Treating plants

33 Eliminating pests

34 Influencing on animals

35 Carrying out therapies on animals

36 Influencing over microorganisms

37 Transferring information or «load» quartz, metals, ornaments or jewellery.

38 Selecting the most suitable foods to improve health at the energetic level

remedios-florais39 Replicating your Homeopathic Remedies

40 Replicating other compounds (at vibratory level)

41 Improving the taste of beverages and foods

42 Inducing the realization of a positive or neutral objective of whatever type

43 Measuring personal compatibility or possibility of success in relationships between people

44 Increasing creative visualization capability

45 Significantly increasing the realization of personal and business objectives

46 Improving the taste of wines and increasing their quality

47 Help finding lose objects or people

48 Measuring vitality

49 Measuring possibilities of materializing a target at any given time

50 Choosing the most appropriate options for our energy interests

51 Eliminating negative or personal energies of any kind

52 Eliminating Negative Energies from Other People or Environments

53 Increasing the positive energy present in a home, environment or business

54 Removing bad smells or replicate pleasant smells in rooms

55 Selecting the most suitable nutrients for plants or animals

56 Increasing sports performance

57 Obtain an extraordinary improvement of the possibilities of a work or sports team

58 Improving the durability of appliances, vehicles or instruments

59 Improving consumption and performance of equipment

60 Finding solutions to specific problems

61 Improving texture or taste of vegetables and cooked foods

62 Modifying negative behaviours in yourself and others

63 Incorporating new concepts and ideas into their daily activities in a easy way

64 Facilitating relationships between people or couples

65 Accelerating the resolution of conflicts and demands

66 Improving the results of professional presentations

67 Facilitating the sale of properties



How to control your own reality and access a higher standard of livingradionica sea dueño de su vida


Many people believe that we can do nothing to shape our own destiny or that we can do very little. In fact, most believe that everything that happens to us happens by pure chance. However, the reality appears very different.

Our mind allows us to reach objectives and modify our reality to adapt it to our true desires. The so-called «good luck» is a vibrational situation that can be searched and incorporated into the day to day of anyone who search for it. However, entrenched negative beliefs and blockages prevent us from realizing that. The judgment of others and the fact that others consider something as possible or impossible limits our freedom of action. Sometimes we know that something is good and yet we do not act simply because our analytical mind prevents us, or for the simple reason of what others might think about us. That is the difference between those who never do anything and those who lead fully and completely satisfactory lives.


Why do people attract the negative?

Our mind can also give us everything we need. We just have to focus it correctly. Visualization and concentration techniques allow you to do that, but few people have enough willpower to visualize consistently and in the most appropriate way. As a rule we almost always represent in our minds the worst, our fears and our worst nightmares. We do it in every detail, naturally and continuously. When people face a difficulty it is very easy to get carried away by discouragement and mentally represent again and again the worst that can happen. That’s why people usually reap the negative, within the possible futures that can happen. It is much more difficult to think that everything will go well and visualize the positive result. This requires creative effort, letting our unconscious mind do the rest.

The absolutely innovative advantage of Radionics is that it allows us to focus our minds positively and take advantage of their potential through specially designed devices. The mental and vital energy flows through them and connects us with a higher reality where all things are linked. In a radionic device, what we want is represented by dials and words. The intention models the present energy induced by the operator, plus the powerful subtle energy produced by the device. The apparatus connects the current situation with the desired situation, within the living space we share with other beings and nourishing the action sought with the energy that has been mentioned.

This enables the connection with and materialization desired, in the reality that we share with other human beings and other living beings.


How Radionics Works

As mentioned, the device acts as a very powerful mind constantly visualizing the positive solution of the situations that we face. Depending on the radionic device used, we will put our energies into operation and those of the environment and, in addition, the subtle and powerful energy produced by the same apparatus. This last option is the most interesting because of its many advantages, because it allows anyone to access a world of infinite possibilities. Above all, the real possibility of getting what you want and it suits you.

Radionics also appear to work in complex situations requiring concatenated solutions. It would be like accessing a universal Matrix where people and things are united and can interact. In this way the realities could be constructed according to what is convenient for those who dare to elaborate their destiny, instead of waiting for the external circumstances to shape their existence.

Below is another series of interesting and curious additional applications (49 more) that many users have reported using radionics equipment such as the ARE X3 Pro:


1 Facilitate rental of properties


Incorporate the skills of outstanding people in fields such as investment, communication, art, sports, etc.
3 Increase your advertising results
4 Acquire the most suitable and convenient properties at any given time
5 Decrease or avoid bad investments
6 Achieving productive agreements between individuals and organizations
7 Removing personal locks
8 Dissolving blockages in agreements and facilitate positive energy flows
9 Finding the most suitable vehicle for your needs
10 “Charging” a property, vehicle or thing, with positive energy in order to make them more attractive to others (for sale, rent, promotion, etc.)
11 Facilitating the protection of the home or people at all levels
12 Facilitating the debts recovering
13 Facilitating community or organization agreements
14 Improve advertising actions at any level
15 «Charging» (Incorporating) positive messages at the vibratory level in advertising products to improve the efectiveness
16 Charging energetically leaflets or presentation cards
17 Choosing the right media for a campaign or action
18 Identify fields of action to increase economic income
19 Charging photos or reports with positive vibrations
20 Charging personal resumes with positive energy for finding a good job
21 Improving, cheer, or get fluent in family or business meetings by increasing the energy of the place or by charging food and beverages with positive intentions.
22 Increasing the durability of certain perishable products
23 Improving the operation of vehicles or machinery
24 Achieving so-called transcendent flow or flow experiences
25 Dissolving or make negative actions or ideas disappear in others
26 Developing psychic abilities
27 Facilitating the achievement of oppositions and tests
28 Accelerating the learning of a foreign language
29 Adapting faster to a new work environment
30 Being liked to others and achieving their collaboration
31 Facilitating the development of personal charisma
32 Increasing the capacity for written communication
33 Achieving inner calm and better response to stress
34 Improving ability to public spaking or with specific groups of people
35 Increasing physical endurance
36 Improving the voice
37 Accelerating healing processes
38 Influencing others to make the best of themselves in certain circumstances
39 Developing specific skills needed for work
40 Increasing the joy, the desire to live and the positive personal vibration in oneself or in others
41 Getting and achievement of desired studies
42 Improving the circumstances that promote actions such as travel, vacations, etc
43 Travel or travel protection
44 Protection of home or properties
45 Programming at vibratory level of a perfect holidays
46 Programming at vibratory level of a perfect Wedding or Celebration
47 Generating new business ideas or revitalize old ones
48 Facilitating the payment of arrears debts
49 Getting the willingly collaboration of other people

… And many new applications developed by users constantly




The different radionic equipments

There are radionic devices that can be used to duplicate homeopathic remedies, to treat ailments, to increase energy, to achieve goals or for all that at the same time, and much more.

Classical radionics devices consisted of relatively simple circuits, detector plate and plates for trend and target. These devices worked well, but experience indicated that the operator needed to maintain a good mental state and also physical for the results to be optimal. At present, these devices have evolved so that some of them have a generator of vital energy, subtle energy or orgone, so that they provide the force necessary to maintain a constant flow of power towards the target pursued by the user. In this way, the user is assured that the device generates enough vital energy so that the goal materializes much more safely, independently of its own personal or mental energy and without draining or affecting your own vitality. That’s very important.

The ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro devices are apparatus that have a powerful vital energy generator (Orgon energy, Chí energy or Pranic energy). Especially the radionic device ARE X3 Pro, which is the most powerful of the range and that can provide you with unusual possibilities (do not confuse the generator and emitter of vital energy included in a device like this, with a simple orgone accumulator. An orgone accumulator has a minimum capacity to transfer energy; and this greatly diminishes its possibilities). On the other hand the ARE X appliances are very simple to use. Anyone can start using them in minutes

The special quality and power of the ARE X 3 Pro device, makes it one of the best options to use and directly experience the benefits of radionics. This is so both in the case you want to check by yourself any of the actions commented above by the users, as if you intend to carry out experiences related to your own objectives.

There are other radionic devices with an orgone generator (approximate emission of up to 30,000 Bovis of power) of similar price in the market, but ARE X devices (especially ARE X3 Pro) have a 20 times higher emission of subtle energy (also called Chi, Orgón, Prana) (approximate emission of up to 600,000 Bovis of power)

This difference is essential to speed up processes. In addition the quality of components and the increase of functions of the ARE X devices, make them the most advantageous option in their relation quality, power, functions and price.

Now you have an extraordinary opportunity to own your own ARE X3 Pro equipment In a promotional pack with a significant discount on the occasion of Private Offer

If the possibility of having your own radionic device fascinates you, you now have a unique opportunity to obtain it at an irresistible price and with magnificent conditions. This time we are promoting the most powerful device in the ARE range and the most requested by our customers:

The AREX-3 Pro DeviceRadionica AREX3 ProProduct description

It is the radionic «star device» of the series ARE X, taking into account its characteristics in addition to its high power generation and emission of orgón energy

This device has been designed to achieve the maximum efficiency and speed possible in the realization of any experience. There is no better thing in the market according to its price and characteristic.

When it was designed, it was taken into account the desire of many users to have a device of low cost and affordable that allowed reaching high degrees of satisfaction and security in their actions.

Here are its features:

  • Increased emitting power

Es la característica más destacada de este aparato. La energía sutil producida se mide en bovis (medida utilizada por geobiólogos y radiestesístas). En este instrumento se alcanzan y superan las 600.000.- unidades.


  • More dials to maximize interconnection

It’s another distinguishing feature. Given the accumulated experience in developing similar devices, it was concluded that the addition of four dials allows connecting both trend as the target more precisely. In short, it has four dials to set the target or subject and four dials to set the trend. With this it achieved perfectly tune a thing as the other, with an extraordinary level of accuracy and positive results.


  • Double generator output

The powerful double outlet is maintained through two structure tubes in noble and semi-noble metals. The use of noble materials such as silver allows greater fluidity and quality emission of subtle energy. That increases the speed of the results, especially in difficult or complex issues.


  • Preprogrammed frequencies in a single selector

It has a selector to set 9 preset output positions. This makes it easy for the operator to choose the frequency that he considers most appropriate for each type of action.


  • Manual selector to adjust the pulse output to other frequencies

Many operators (users) prefer to choose the output frequency themselves, so they can reach a wider range of experiences. This device also has an additional manual selector to satisfy this possibility of experimentation.


  • Vibrational duplication of homeopathic remedies and other substances

An action that can be performed at high speed (much greater than in the ARE X1, ARE X2 and other devices) thanks to its extraordinary power of emission

  • Food and beverage enhancement with CDI’s chosen by the operator

It’s possible to choose the Intrinsic Data Fields that the operator wants to use (radionic ratios, affirmations, phrases, etc.) and radiate them to food and drinks so that they are «loaded» with the intention (see Dr. E. Moto book on this subject). Observe the interesting results and their positive effects. You can use messages to get changes at all levels. Many operators use it to improve the taste of foods, wines and all types of beverages.


  • Energize foods or beverages with subtle energy or positive frequencies

Food and beverages (the body is 70% water) can be energized using the ARE X3 Pro device. Experiment on yourself, your family and friends with different frequencies, with the so-called «terrestrial frequency», with Alpha waves, etc. Consider using this possibility in any type of vibrational therapy.


  • Load (charge) objects, stones, ornaments or decorative elements with CDI´s

Your device will allow you to transmit the Intrinsic Information Fields that you consider most appropriate to any type of object (better if they are natural objects or noble metals). For example, you can transfer the intention of a phrase or mantra in jewels, rings, quartz, various decoration objects, etc. so that you can send this intention to de person who uses them. Imagine the possibilities for action and the positive consequences of this type of action.


  • Employment with animals and plants

Radionics provides possibilities for experimentation and improvement in any living being. (See information regarding positive work with animals and plants). Many operators use this type of equipment on small and large-scale crops and land


  • Interconnectión

The ARE X3 Pro allows interconnection with other devices via cable. If you have purchased equipment such as ARE X1 or ARE X2 you can connect them in series with the ARE X3 Pro and take advantage of the synergy of several devices together to feed trends towards yourself or other subjects with greater strength. Even if you have other radionic devices that allow the interconnection, your ARE A3 Pro will allow you to reach higher levels of performance with an unusual power.


  • Ideal for alternative therapies

If you are used to working with subtle energies with people who need help, this device allows you to channel enough power to quickly improve the expected results. Many people appreciate improvements in their states in minutes. You can combine with other actions and even improve the remedies you use regularly (see detailed instructions in the user manual).


  • Perfect for complex or especially difficult goals

Many operators have reported that the ARE X3 Pro device is very effective when addressing complex targets that require the confluence of minor or secondary targets. The greater the number of possibilities for interdependence in goals or needs, the more energy will be required. The same happens in situations that have resulted in very negative circumstances. More power is required to straighten these processes. The ARE X3 Pro is perfect to act in all kinds of situations, simple or difficult, providing greater chances of success.


  • Comparison with other issuing equipmen

The ARE X3 Pro device is approximately 30 times more powerful than most equipment on the market. 25 times more powerful than the ARE X1 device, and 12 times more powerful than the ARE X2 device (And others similar equipments with 3 dials).

Maletin Reforzado para su ARE-X

  • Presentation and Protection

The device is served in a compact protective case, a smart appearance one, perfect for transporting the device and avoid any damage on it. It Includes power adapter. 

  • Instructions for use

The equipment is served with perfectly understandable instructions of use, that include everything necessary to begin to work with the equipment from the first moment.


  • Very affordable price

Mejor Calidad-PrecioTaking into account its possibilities and great output power, it is the most recommended device. The investment is slightly higher than that of the ARE X2 device but the great difference is marked by its extraordinary subtle vital energy generator (very important to accelerate all processes and work with more complex objectives), in addition to having four dials connected to «Trend «Plate and four dials connected to «Target» plate. Its qualities make it absolutely amortizable and the advantages and services that will bring you are not even close to its cost.


You have:


The incredible advantages of having your own radionic device

Owning your own radionic device will allow you to experiment with multiple possibilities like those mentioned above by the users. But in addition, almost all people find a specific field of goals to fulfil, whether of a therapeutic nature, personal development, material, spiritual or about relationship with other people.

Imagine for a moment how you could change your life by fulfilling your goals and desires. A radionic apparatus can represent a significant change in any of the goals you currently have in mind. Consider how you and your people would benefit from solving problems that currently concern you. Of course, we are not talking about things outside of physical reality, but to bring about feasible changes that can mean a huge difference in their present conditions. you can not expect developing wings on your back or change the day to have 26 hours. A radionic equipment is not a miracle team that meets 100 x 100 anything we raise. We speak of serious and real goals. Possibilities that we consider feasible but that require the positive confluence of different events.

Although some of the utilities of a radionic device can be spectacular, we make it clear that a radionic device is not a miraculous device that complies 100 x 100 with whatever we propose. Absurd applications such as waiting for wings to grow or that a person can automatically dematerialize have no place here. We always consider feasible possibilities but that require the positive confluence of events.


Anyone can easily use it

Radionics, like creative visualization, has the goal of allowing humans access to higher possibilities of action in the field that anybody can choose. Nothing more and nothing less. Visualization requires practice, development of a mental ability, constancy, dedication and plenty of time (if you want results). However, radionics allows a simple and direct targeting, a minimum preparation and follow-up time and with a much higher possibility of positive resolution. Radionics do not require special training and anyone can use it at any age. On the other hand, in devices like the ARE X3 Pro, the mental energy for any action is reinforced by the high power orgone energy generator built into the device itself. This marks a fundamental difference to achieve the materialization of objectives. Any action requires energy. The ARE X3 Pro provides continuously modulated orgone energy. The constant attention by the operator is no longer essential.

Have you thought about what you would be willing to do to improve your current conditions or solve the problems that concern you? What about your goals and desires? How much would you be willing to give to make the path to them easier, relaxed or more feasible? Is it possible to tilt «luck» or conditions in your favor? The answer may lie in Radionics.

Computer software for radionic ARE X devices  (X2 and X3 Pro) *Only included when ordering the Recommended Extras package

                Basic program for the use of ARE X radionic devices. Easy to use, it increases and simplifies the possibilities of using your radionic device. It facilitates experimentation and provides a tool that will allow you to expand the range of actions.

                It is the perfect tool for alternative therapists and people who want to get even more out of their ARE X device. It avoids the need to use writings for the definition of objectives or realization of possible experimental energetic-vibratory studies of different subjects. It can also be used for personal development actions or queuing work for personal goals of one’s own or those of others.

                It is important to note that with this program you can address not only the exploration and measurement but also the balancing (2) of each aspect separately, depending on the alteration detected in a group.

                Each group of ratios includes subgroup (which can be displayed in a menu) to specifically explore where the imbalance is in a particular way. That is, the group is measured to see if there is alteration and then the specific alteration can be investigated within what the group understands.

                 It includes:  

  • Database of the most commonly used rates in energetic therapy (1)
  • The ratios are segmented by groups (to facilitate measurement and emission actions). This facilitates the work of exploration, measurement and balancing (2) in relation to any subject and on aspects such as:

    • Overall positive level
    • Psychological state
    • Mobile
    • Nutrition-Metabolism
    • Neurological
    • Endocrine
    • Hematological
    • Immune system
    • Ophthalmological
    • Otolaryngologist
    • Oral-Dental
    • Pulmonary
    • Cardiovascular
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Hepatic-Biliary
    • Renal-Urological
    • Reproductive
    • Muscular-Skeletal
    • Dermatological
    • Environmental charge
    • Viral energy charge (3)
    • Bacterial energy charge
    • Toxic energy charge
    • Environmental energy charge
    • Others

  • Includes a list of affirmations specially designed for states of mind
  • Allows the inclusion and issuance of particular objectives
  • It allows the own elaboration and issuance of affirmations, mantras, decrees, wishes to make or phrases for its radionic emission
  • Allows the use and emission of colors, drawings, music or videos
  • Allows the inclusion of other radionic ratios
  • It is supplied with User Manual-Quick guide easy to understand
  • It is not necessary to know coding.
  • Designed to be used in a few minutes by people of any age without specific knowledge.
  • Spanish or English language


(Important note.- It is necessary that the computer where the program is installed uses Windows 10/11. The program is designed to be used with an ARE X device, seeking the highest user satisfaction. Radionic programs without the use of specific physical equipment of quality offer zero or low results.)


(1) Alphanumeric representations of states or concepts (at the vibratory level) both positive and negative to proceed with balanced energy.
(2) Exploration and balancing at the energy level, not medical or physical. Conventional analyzes can only be carried out by legally qualified professionals. Remember that legally, any possible illness must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor or medical professional according to the laws of the country of your residence.
(3) Basic program for the use of ARE X radionic devices. Easy to use, it increases and simplifies the possibilities of using your radionic device. It facilitates experimentation and provides a tool that will allow you to expand the range of actions. Ideal for alternative therapists and people who want to get even more out of their ARE X device. It avoids the need to use writings for the definition of objectives or realization of possible experimental energetic-vibratory studies of different subjects. It can also be used for personal development actions or programming work for personal goals or those of othersThe concept of «load» implies possible energy derangement of negative bias in relation to what is indicated.


Also as an Special Offer, you will receive Totally Free:



Turn your mobile phone or audio player into a radionic instrument with the Amiens Scalar Antenna. This scalar antenna is made following the model of the Amiens Cathedral labyrinth as the base of the circuit, given the powerful shape wave generated by this formation. It includes a booster amplifier chip and elements that preserve the mobile device to which it connects.

Includes manual and instructions to work mainly with people other than the operator himself, as an element of research on Intrinsic Data Fields. Instructions include explanations of how to use balancing ratios and operator protection to prevent contamination of target individuals with unstructured vibrations.



Here you will find a wide list of radionic ratios for health at the energetic level of organs of the human body. Positive ratios with a (+) symbol in front indicate the optimal health status of a given organ. They are used to restore the subtle balance of the organ or system in question.

Radionic ratios for personal improvement help to increase the relative energy level that a person has at a given moment with respect to a
certain aspect. Like the radionic ratios related to vibrational health, these ratios serve to improve the capacity of any individual in relation to the aspect they treat.



Energy Emitter made with a radionic structure to carry in your pocket or bag or on your cell phone. High vibrating power. Increases personal vibration, serves as a screen against harmful energies. It can be used on the mobile phone (cell phone) under any protective case.

+ Two Radionic stickers with holographic structure


Some comments about the ARE X3 Pro device:

Avatar “I never thought anything like that could exist. It’s fascinating to see how it works ”



“Very good results in sports”


Avatar “It’s great when applying to your business.”


Avatar “Undoubtedly I have improved my relationships.”


Avatar “I started with Radionics to address health issues, but then I realized that the range of possibilities is enormous”


Avatar «I am a sensitive person and I can see and feel the flow of energy generated”


Avatar “The first problems I dealt with, were solved and I thought it was all pure chance, but there comes a time when you have to assume that something happen when you use a radionic device like this one. This is real and you can see how things evolve for the better.”


Avatar “It’s difficult to explain why a little machine can act so positively but, according to my experience, I have no doubt. This is very effective.”


Avatar “I must admit that I tried this equipment because I had a money back guarantee, but I didn’t have to use it. I’m happy with the investment.”


Avatar “For therapy it’s great. People see and feel the results. Perfect for personal affairs.”


Avatar “Much better than other old radionics machines I have.”



To see more comments from users who already have the AREX3-Pro device




Just by having requested our book, you can now have an ARE device for an unbeatable price for only a few days. The AREX-3 Pro radionic device + extras  included in this sale has a usual price of 2,159 Euros plus shipping expenses. But now you can get it for a special reduced price along with a series of extras of great interest:







Available only for a limited time until…


If you really want to improve your current conditions and take charge of your own reality and your future, Radionics can be one of your best values and a powerful tool to get what you are looking for.

Of course you can miss this magnificent opportunity if you prefer to continue in your current situation. You may choose to postpone the solution to the problems that concern you. You can choose to continue doing the same as before, with the same results. You can decide to give up the possibility of accessing goals and desires that you would like to see realized. You are free to continue with a life of effort and resignation or you can access to the option of a life with more opportunities, more fulfilling and with more possibilities of accomplishment. At this point, you might ask yourself: Is so much sacrifice necessary for everything? Is it possible to do things more simply?

Proteger con RadionicaOn the other hand, assuming your current existence is acceptable to you, perhaps you would like to improve your present conditions or have the possibility to help others get what they want or need.Surely you would like to positively influence family, friends or close friends.

Consider that radionics can make a fundamental difference in both your actions and the results you expect; in your life as in the lives of those around you. It is a splendid opportunity to improve now and in the future.

We do not intend that you believe anything without reason. Do not consider anything of the exposed like affirmations without foundation. We give you the opportunity to experiment and check without risking anything. With the ARE X3 Pro you will have a full return guarantee. In the unlikely event that the device does not meet your expectations, you will have 30 days to return it from the time you receive it and recover the amount paid by the device without any explanation. In addition, if you decide to return your equipment ARE X3 Pro, you can keep, in any case, the radionic scalar antenna as a gift from us.

Postponing things is not usually a good option. Good opportunities require decisive and quick action to prevent them from disappearing. This extraordinary offer will be available only until the end of the period indicated here or until the end of the stock of equipments for this offer (there is a limit number of devices with the price and exceptional conditions included in this offer). The experience with other articles indicates that many people are quick to access these offers on time. If you do not want to miss this opportunity, decide today and enjoy this extraordinary device as soon as possible.

(Note.- This offer is only available to those who have requested information or downloaded the book about Radionics that we offer for free, and are registered in our database.Limit one device per person with these special conditions. If you have received this offer from Radionic-International directly, you are in our database)


Pago a PlazosRemember that if you pay for your device with a VISA card, you can ask the bank to authorize you to pay the amount in installments (for guidance, in 24 monthly installments the cost is usually less than 79 euros per month).







(The complete pack of this offer can be sent directly to any country in the world through a transport agency)







What are scalar radionic antennas?

        These are devices that can be used together with the ARE X3 Pro device or separately to enhance and improve results. By using them separately you can convert your cell, tablet or computer into an additional radio transmitter. They can be used for objectives similar to or different from those pursued with their main ARE X3 Pro equipment. They are used to influence a person’s vibratory field in order to facilitate positive changes. Through these antennas you can send affirmations, radionic ratios, specific phrases, music for therapy, subliminal messages, etc. (They can also be used for experiments similar to those performed by the famous Dr. Emoto)

         The Chartres Radionic Scalar Antenna is mainly used for matters related to the operator itself.

         The Amiens Radionic Scalar Antenna is primarily used for matters related to people other than the operator itself.

        Both antennas are supplied with detailed and at the same time simple instructions for use, so you can get the most out of them and start using them from the first moment. They are a perfect complement to your radionic device and will be very useful in the various objectives with which you can work.



  Once the order is firm, when will it be shipped?

        Once payment of the complete pack is received, the order will leave our warehouses between 24 and 48 hours later. International shipments take between 7 and 10 days to arrive.


  I have no experience in radionics. It’s an equipment like this easy to use?

    Of course. The complete radionics pack and each of its components are delivered with complete and precise instructions, simple to understand and detailed. No previous experience is necessary or special knowledge. The success of radionic equipment lies in its simplicity compared to other methods.


    Is the guarantee they give money back real?

    Absolutely. You will have 30 days from the receipt of your order to check the effectiveness of the equipment and its worth. In the unlikely event that you did not want it, you just have to return it and we will refund the amount paid in full. (Shipping costs or any other extras are non-refundable).


  Are the instructions for use in Spanish? English?

     The deviced can be shipped with Spanish, English or Portuguese instructions. Please detail it when ordering.


     How long can I take to see the result of a radionic job?

      It will depend on the personal objective and individual circumstances. In matters of therapy the results can be very fast (even minutes). In general terms, time measurements cannot be established, although the device itself will show you the progress.


    Can I use the device with different objectives at the same time?

    Absolutely. Most operators have their devices running day and night, exchanging various objectives to work from time to time. On the other hand, having two additional antennas will allow you to work minor matters with them separately.


        Is it difficult to use the adhesive plate of the radionic equipment?

    Quite the opposite. One of the advantages of Radionics is that the use of basic elements such as the adherent plate (through which the different signals are perceived for use) is very simple. Following the instructions, 95% of people can use it immediately and the rest will not require more than two or three practice sessions.


If you need any additional clarification you can contact our offices by email or phone during business hours.


      We reach the end. It is up to you to decide. It’s not about believing or not believing. It’s about experimenting and checking. We do not want you to have doubts. That is why we want to offer you the possibility of a risk-free test.

      You will enjoy a 30-day warranty to check the effectiveness of this type of device. In the unlikely event that your use did not satisfy you or did not obtain the expected results, you can return the ARE X 3 Pro device and fully recover the amount paid for it without explaining.

     You may need to solve problems or situations that now consume your mind, your energy and your time. Think about it. How much would you give to find solutions to your urgent problems? Why not try a simple system that allows you to access the capabilities you need now? Don’t you think it would be valuable to have a tool that would help you today and in the future too? Of course, you can miss this opportunity, but you will also continue to endure problems that you could overcome much more easily.


     On the other hand, remember: Do not risk anything. You will have a period of 30 days to check the effectiveness of the devices you purchase. If you are not satisfied, simply return them and recover the amount paid without explanation.


You can use your credit card or Pay Pal to make your purchase. Finally, keep in mind the significant discount applied to this offer. It will be available only for the next days and for subscribers. Then the offer will disappear and you will no longer be able to purchase your AREX-3 Pro with the extended pack at a special price. Only at the usual price indicated on our website.





Save and start enjoying the enormous possibilities of this device by quickly receiving it by messaging. You will be glad of your good decision.

Note.- We clarify that radionics, like visualization, cannot guarantee 100 x 100 the materialization of any unrealizable goal, for the simple reason that we are subject to physical laws that prevent us from having wings or studying an engineering career in a week . However, radionics does offer to find the right vibration to accelerate the processes of materialization of what we want within the real possibilities. Tuning into those frequencies provides extraordinary possibilities according to the postulates of radionic theory. The best way to verify it in practice is through personal experimentation (All our advanced radionic equipment is shipped with a 30-day full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that the buyer did not obtain the desired results)

(*) Radionics does not replace doctors. Radionics only considers the vibratory or energetic level, a dimension not recognized by official science. If you think you are sick, you should see your doctor or recognized healthcare staff immediately, who are legally qualified to treat illnesses and physical problems.

(+) Provided that a point of “no return” has not been reached.

(#) The suggested uses do not imply claims by the marketer. Results cannot be guaranteed since each user and circumstances are different. Any suggestions within the text should be understood as possibilities to experiment. A comprehensive money-back guarantee is provided in case the device does not meet your expectations.