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The size similar to a business card!

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Dr. Abrams… An amazing discovery

That morning, the brilliant Dr. Abrams made a discovery that would change his approach to the disease and his conception of the structure of reality.

It was time to check an idea that had been around his head for months. Dr. Abrams thought that, if the physical samples of someone sick were different from those of someone healthy, this difference should also be seen in some kind of energy measurement.

In his laboratory, he detected (using a device of his invention) that the organism of a sick person emitted specific vibrations different from those of a healthy person. He identified the vibratory patterns of certain damaged organs and also of the same organs in perfect health. Then, using his device, he applied the vibratory codes of the healthy ones on the sick ones and observed how they healed. The science of Radionics was born.

These codes could be applied to any organism in a simple way, even without the person knowing that he was being treated and without any contraindication. The result was always the same. There was a gradual improvement until the healing or solution of the problem treated.

Radionics applied to different objectives

Radionic devices were originally designed to restore the balance of the organism and restore wellbeing by acting at the energy level. Later it was found that the same principle could be used in relation to external personal situations. That is to say, the vibration of a person who maintains successful personal relationships with others, at a friendship level or at a loving level, differs from the vibration of a shy person or with communication problems. That is something that is easily perceived. The same goes for someone who is successful economically compared to someone who has money problems. Or who achieves success in a certain field of life compared to who fails again and again. Or the vibration of a person who is always "lucky" compared to the one who only reaps failures.


Think about the possibilities that opens up being able to connect with vibrations related to aspects that you want to improve. Do you want to increase your personal well-being at a physical level? Feel and look better and healthier? How about increasing your chances of relating with more success? Improve your economy or achieve a higher level of income? Feel protection against harmful influences? The possibilities are very broad and interesting. Radionics is based on the idea of linking personal vibration to a higher vibration.

The results sought soon appear.


According to Radionics and Bioenergetics postulates,
there are vibrations that predispose to be healthy and
attainment of goals, as opposed to vibrations that
predispose to disease or failure

It is possible to parameterize them and measure them in
radionic devices, both of them. They are usually represented
by alpha numeric configurations, frequencies and figures.

It is possible if we have an adequate device ...

If we have the parameters of the appropriate vibrations or their representations to achieve a purpose, it is possible to emit those parameters on a person with the intention of predisposing them to improve their well-being or achieve objectives. Emitting these parameters converted to signals it is possible if we have an adequate device ...


The best option…

The ARE X Portable cards
choice of great interest at an
affordable price
within reach of anyone


There are different radionic devices. The best known can cost more than 12,000 Euros or dollars. Then, there is a range between 6,000 to 9,000 for those that include programs and electronic configuration and between 1,500 and 5,000 the most economical and powerful with dials and conventional structures.


Conventional radionics devices of good quality require careful preparation and selected components. They are very demanded for their varied applications that are used to facilitate valuable objectives for each person. Undoubtedly, its use brings important benefits that make the required investment reasonable. They allow employees to be employed in actions tailored to each person or case in a very specific way, over and over again.


The ARE X Portable radionic cards are now an additional option of great interest. They offer extraordinary possibilities of experimentation at very affordable prices, within the reach of any economy. They are sent already configured with general objectives of interest (see different options) and provide results that many describe as completely amazing. They only require pressing a button to activate their mechanism and they can be carried in any pocket. You do not have to listen to any recording. They do not require additional knowledge. Neither do they need other equipment to perform their function. They are recharged with any phone charger or USB plug (cable is supplied). They are ideal as presents.


...In addition, they can also be used as additions to any major radionic equipment, type ARE X2 or ARE X3 Pro, since they can be connected to them to increase results or be used with different subjects through structural links (samples).

Vibraciones positivas Vibraciones

Positive or successful vibrations in the face of negative vibrations or failure

Positive or successful vibrations in the face of negative vibrations or failure

When we surround ourselves with positive people and environments we feel better. It is easy to appreciate the pleasant atmosphere of a constructive environment, facing environments where there is suffering. Generally we perceive when the vibration of a place is positive or negative. The most sensitive people, in certain spaces, may even feel better or worse depending on that vibration. Business establishments and businesses can also shed that kind of vibration that appeals to consumers or repels them.

People attract what vibrates in their frequency. It is a fact that those who are interested in certain topics, find like-minded people. Those who favor certain hobbies tend to coincide "coincidentally" with others with similar tendencies. This is also true in sentimental or friendship matters.

Identify positive vibrations and use them to improve

Radionic theory is based on the fact that it is possible to identify the patterns of vibrations related to any objective or positive situation. Then, it is possible to use these parameters to act on the vibratory (energetic) field of a person and his environment. By issuing positive signals about a person's environment, that person is placed in the same attunement of correcting their problem or achieving their objectives. This is done by emitting the appropriate vibratory configurations in relation to what you want to achieve. These are the so-called radionic ratios or CDIs (Fields of intrinsic information).

When we improve our energy and reinforce it with parameters related to what we want, we get closer to our goals and desires. We tune in more easily with what we want to achieve, both consciously and unconsciously, and allow what we want to achieve to materialize more easily.

The example of vibration in an instrument

Pianos can be an example of what happens when a body is adjusted to properly resonate in a given vibration. What happens in a room with several well-tuned acoustic pianos? When you touch a key and emit the corresponding note, the other pianos respond to that vibration resonating at the same time. The same happens when we refine or adjust our personal vibration correctly. We connect with what is in tune with that positive vibration. Be people or situations adjusted to that improved vibration.

Have you noticed that sometimes everything seems to turn against and efforts seem to bear fruit?

Sometimes, we have energy blockages, which prevent us from flowing in relation to what we want to obtain. If we eliminate the blockages, everything becomes easier and the situations are surrounded so that we can materialize what we want or need. People who experience the release of their blockades speak of "experiences of flow" as a liberating thing that channels them appropriately towards success in their life. This success may be related to finding meaning in their existence or success in relation to material well-being. Radionics has identified energy unlock codes that can be used with surprising results.

Currently, radionics can be used both in energy therapy for people, as well as in veterinary, agriculture, personal development, achievement of objectives of all kinds and a long etc. There are different radionic devices designed for different purposes and possibilities. The ideal is to use a device as in ARE X3 Pro with multiple applications and possibilities. However, you can also benefit from the world of radionics through a very affordable device available to anyone:
The ARE X Portable cards

The ARE X Portable cards: radionic scalar wave generators at an absolutely incredible price ...

ARE X Portable cards are devices the size of a business card with circuits and an scalar antenna inside them. These cards continuously emit ratios and effective radionic configurations in relation to general objectives of interest. Unlock rates and positive ratios that work for anyone. Its purpose is to influence positively and balancing the energy structure of those who use it. It is only necessary to light any of these cards by pressing a button and let them act by bringing them close to the body (in pocket or purse, for example) or place them under the pillow at night. They are rechargeable and can operate for hours emitting constantly and safely.

What are radionic ratios?

They are alphanumeric configurations that are related to optimal states in a given field. That is, abstract representations (or coordinates) of an ideal state in relation to anything that we can imagine or that is of our interest. There are ratios in relation to good health, ratios in relation to positive states, to elimination of blockages, to improvement in the field of income, to the development of charisma or personal attraction, to personal or couple relationships, to protection, to psychological balance, elimination of harmful influences (electromagnetic, telluric, energetic, etc.) and many others. These ratios are established by means of certain instruments that identify the optimum vibratory configurations in each field. The ratios can be used through a radionic equipment or issued by scalar antennas. In this case, it is not necessary to listen to them and they can be configured in multiple ways. In the case of ARE X Portable devices, the ratios are recorded inside them in a specific way to obtain better results and, once activated, they emit the non-audible signals (of these coordinates) that have a positive impact on the structure or energy field of the person who carries the device.

It is possible to choose between different configurations. You can use several cards at the same time or alternate their use according to the topics you choose.

Description and objectives of each card:

General welfare and physical-vibratory balance.

It emits ratios to act and improve the vibratory level on all the main organs (heart, lungs, colon, kidneys, stomach, brain, and a long etc) also on vitality, emotional state and mood. Chakras, energy channels, lymphatic system and reserves, in addition to many others. Work the different energetic fields. Its objective is to improve the feeling of welfare at all levels. A source of active wellness and relaxation. Ideal for personal use or give away.

General Well-being

Energy protection and unlocks card.

It emits ratios to act at the vibratory level in relation to blocks of various kinds (general blocks) that can affect the person. If you feel that your life does not flow as it should, it is very likely that you will suffer blockages that need to be eliminated. This card also emits ratios for the elimination of potentially negative energies from any source that drains energy or acts in a harmful way, including those of telluric origin. An effective screen in relation to unhealthy influences of provenance that are.


Personal Relations Card.

People who relate well on a sentimental and social level have a special and characteristic vibration. There are also vibrations related to people who are liked by others, those who know how to earn respect in a positive and friendly way and those who develop a powerful magnetism. Charisma also has concrete vibrations. This card includes all these energetic configurations emitting them to contribute to the person who takes it a considerable improvement in that field.


Prosperity Card.

It emits a series of vibrations and messages related to general prosperity and / or economic prosperity. Radionics indicates certain ratios and characteristic symbols that affect this particular field. There are codes to eliminate specific blockages that prevent people from developing their true potential in relation to prosperity. Find the meaning of a person’s life, generate wealth, attract economic welfare, the so-called “good luck”, better possibilities … and a long etc., related to personal development. Also the vibrations linked to attitudes that lead to the generation of economic well-being. Test them if you think you need to improve in this aspect of reality.


Electro magnetic pollution stopping card.

More and more people are affected by electromagnetic pollution problems. Mobile phones, Wi-Fi stations, electronic devices of all kinds, telephony networks and a long etc. of connected instruments, greatly affect living beings in general and the human being in particular, causing migraines, pains, malaise of origin unknown and diseases that can become important. Experts warn of problems of all kinds associated with this growing contamination silenced by the authorities. This card emits signals that harmonize and recompose the vibrational spectrum of the person who carries it. It includes ratios and radionic structures to neutralize the energy problems that appear as a consequence of this contamination. The cleanliness and harmonization of the energy structure is basic to physical well-being. This standardization is recommended as a previous step to any alternative or conventional treatment because of its potentiating effects.

Electromagnetic Pollution

Memory Card.

It is designed to emit a series of radionic ratios, scalar configurations and messages related to the maintenance and improvement of memory in general, the cognitive processes of processing, retention and storage, the improvement of the energetic functions related to the brain and the increase of neuronal coordination. Ideal for people who want to maintain their neuronal faculties in the best possible state (at an energy level). Also for students, opponents and those who need a boost in their intellectual capacity. It includes ratios to stimulate the desire to acquire information, to improve concentration and to face successful exams.


If you have already been told about the wonders of radionics and would like to experience its possibilities, now you have an excellent opportunity at a very affordable price. ARE X Portable cards are a simple, economical and quick way to access the possibilities of this personal improvement system.


MPR M.R.P (Bilbao)

“I have the feeling of having increased my security and confidence. I want to talk with others and I notice more interest from people towards me. I am interested in doing things and relate more. It's different, I've changed to much better. Even in relation to couple relationships I am at a much higher level”

Hernan Velasques Hernán Velasques

“I felt affected and worried for no apparent reason. I had a checkup and had no physical problems. I decided to try with his card "Energy protection and blockages", using it several hours a day. In a week I have happened to find myself with a lot of vitality and tranquility. I think it's a like a shield against any negativity or source of harmful energies”

Miriam C Miriam C.

"I bought his "Wellness" card and I tried it for a few days. I was surprised by my positive state after only activating it a couple of hours a day. I thought it could be a placebo effect. I put it to my husband under the pillow without him knowing because lately he slept fatally. I was very happy when, the next day, he told me that he was very well and that he had rested perfectly. Without a doubt it works. I just bought another two as a gift"

Pierre Yves Pierre Yves

“I'm a sensitive person. I am affected by magnetic fields and time changes. Headaches, malaise, drowsiness and low vitality. Since I have the anti-electromagnetic pollution card, I have no problems of that kind. I notice perfectly. “

Special offer for a limited time!

Easy to use and carry!

How are these cards used? Portable ARE X cards come pre-programmed with ratios and emission frequencies related to the purpose you choose. They automatically rebalance their energy field. The objective is to improve its vibratory structure to tune in with the vibrations generated by people who are healthy or successful in the chosen field. For example, the "Prosperity" card emits vibrations related to economic success and income generation. These conformations are identified in people with these characteristics, in addition to energy configurations that experience has shown to be decisive in order to improve in this aspect. Simply carry them close to the body, in a pocket or your purse, so that the process of transfer, balance and vibratory adaptation occurs..

AREX Portable Facil y Rapido

“I perceive an extraordinary improvement since I use it”

“There are very positive things happening around me since I have the card”

“The changes only took hours to notice”

How does it work?

  • While carrying the ARE X Portable card in on mode, your energy field will be balanced by non-audible scalar radionic emissions that will positively influence your vibratory structure, with the aim of harmonizing or tuning it positively in relation to the desired objective (see list of cards available).
  • The results can be evaluated in relatively short periods of hours (sensation of physical well-being) or short to medium term (in relation to personal improvement objectives).

  • According to the radionic theory, it is possible to influence reality by using the so-called "intrinsic information fields". That is, intentionally influencing the basic energies that structure reality. What matches the basic postulates of physics quantumThis is achieved when an organic material structure with an energy base (such as a human being) receives certain balancing information structures (CDIs or Intrinsic Information Fields) through specially designed emitting devices.

Study on the impact on the blood cells effects after
the use of the mobile and use of AREX Portable

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto and his experiments show the effects of the emission of codes and positive messages

Dr. Emoto's experiments, collected in his world famous book "The messages of water", showed that it was possible to influence water or liquids when positive messages were specifically emitted. The tests showed that it was possible to improve the structure and appearance of the microscopic crystals that formed with the water treated in this way.

Humans and living beings in general have a high proportion of water in their tissues, so a similar improvement can be expected when similar stimuli are received.

The ARE X Portable cards have the objective of positively influencing the energy field of the person using it, generating coded messages (encrypted codes and information ratios), specifically chosen for the chosen purpose.

The ARE X Portable cards act on the energy environment of the person in a similar way, increasing their positive vibrations and rebalancing the framework on which the physical structures are based, according to the radionic harmonization theory.

The so-called radionic scalar waves contain the so-called "Intrinsic Information Fields" or codes whose purpose is to normalize the energetic envelope of the person (or living being) that receives them to maintain or recover the lost wellbeing at that non-physical level prior to the matter , but fundamental for its correct functionality, according to the theory of bioenergetics. They can also be used to improve specific aspects that require attention.

Through research the vibration codes of people with good health in general and also with certain capacities and possibilities in different fields have been determined in particular. These are the so-called radionic ratios. By issuing these positive encodings on people with problems, we seek to restore organic or functional imbalances in relation to disorders or illness.

ArexPortable radionica

You can also act at other levels related to different objectives. we contemplate here the vibratory codes considered essential and linked with improvement of capacities to relate, facilitate economic improvement, attract positive energies, general protection and many others.
The coded messages are issued dozens of times per minute permeating the vibrational environment of the person in a positive way. It is considered that when the basic structure of energy improves, positive changes can be produced in the area of interest of each subject. You just have to carry the card in the ignition position, in your pocket, purse or near the body. You can also choose to sleep with the device turned on under the pillow. One of the two options is enough. That is all.

Featured Comments

Antonio Biedma Antonio Biedma

"My colleagues are amazed at my results at work and my bosses have congratulated me by increasing my commission rates. I wonder if it's just chance, but everything happens since I use the cards "

Vicky Paez Vicky Páez

"I tried without much confidence, but then I was very happy. It does not weigh, you do not have to do anything. Turn it on and carry it in your pocket or put it under your pillow as you suggest "

How to charge your AREX Portable device

Charging process through a USB plug

It is also possible from any USB port on your computer or tablet

Finalizing battery charging and commissioning


On what is its effectiveness based?

  generan señales

AREX Portable cards generate signals ...

and vibratory structures aimed at balancing, enhancing, enriching and improving the energetic parameters of the person who uses it (according to the radionic harmonization theory). )

  en la practica

In practice...

These devices are designed to help people improve at all levels (within the different general objectives programmed in each card))


Like the visualization ...

can modify our vibratory state and our behavior towards an improved reality, the scalar waves emitted by the ARE X Portable cards have a similar function.


The Advantage is ...

that do not require concentration on the part of the person or other more complicated mental methods. Just light them. They work for hours and are rechargeable.

 Bonus 5

Quantum Physics and radionics ...

The postulates of radionics are related to quantum physics. Are X Portable devices are designed to bring us closer to an improved reality. .


Just like the thoughts of a researcher generate ...

energetic structures that affect the result of an experiment, scalar waves can emit encodings aimed at reaching objectives in their positive side.

ARE X Portable cards continuously emit radionic ratios (encodings that represent harmonic or positive states), alpha numeric structures, decrees, affirmations, etc., which are issued in a specially designed way (scalar technology) to modify energy patterns of the person who uses them and their environment.
They are preprogrammed for specific objectives to choose

Special offer for a limited time!


One of the most anticipated devices now at your fingertips

Enjoy now an extraordinary radionic pocket device of incredible effectiveness.

Minimum cost The most economical functional device, now at an even lower price.

Preprogrammed to act according to your need or interest. It does not
need adjustments.

Each card aims to influence a specific topic. It works by pressing a simple button.

Acts at the vibratory level. No contraindications. No need for adjustments.

Rechargeable Minimum weight and thickness. Ideal to give as a gift Without maintenance

Excellent presentation. Appreciable results in less time. 30 days of Test.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Studies with Kirlian Camera

By taking pictures with Kirlian camera, we have been able to observe the different changes after only a few minutes of use of our AREX Portable Devices.

Some of these people have been pixilated to preserve their anonymity.

The first images show the photography with Kirlian camera made to healthy middle-aged subjects. The second image was made with the same Kirlian camera and the same person, after using the AREX Portable device for 10 minutes.

The change is appreciable

Reviews and summary functions on the ARE X Portable cards

A unique device that combines radionics, waveforms and technology - scalar for specific pre-set objectives


Every minute, the ARE X Portable card emits dozens of balancing information structures that improve receiver vibration (similar to those used by Dr. Emoto in his experiments with radionics devices). The emitted structures are selected to influence different objectives and exponentially increase the results.


Regenerates and maintains the energy field of the person who uses it. When the energetic framework of a human being is preserved powerful and stable, any harmful interaction with the environment, whatever its origin (terrestrial-telluric, biological, electromagnetic or of any negative origin), is easily repulsed.


The built-in scalar antenna (technology based on the Tesla emitting energy) facilitates the emission of information and the desired results.


It works for hours with a charge, simply by pressing a button on the device. Long-lasting rechargeable batteries.


It helps the body to balance its functionality against harmful electromagnetic waves that are increasingly abundant in any environment (telephony, data, WIFI). Recovers the sensitivity of an EMF-free environment.


The radionic ratios and resonant structures emitted (including the terrestrial Schummann, Alpha, etc), normalize the altered energetic states that provoke physical disturbances, improving the functionality and general vitality.


Power vital energy quickly. The so-called Chi, Prana or Orgon regenerates and activates, circulating easily through the chakras and energy channels. The difference can be measured in bioenergetic devices in just a few minutes.

One of the most anticipated devices now at your fingertips.

Enjoy now a Portable Device of incredible effectiveness.

-    Minimum cost. The most economical functional device, now at an even lower price.
-    Preprogrammed to act according to your need or interest
-    Each card has the objective of influencing a specific topic
-    No need adjustments
-    It works by simply pressing a button
-    You just have to carry it in your pocket or near your body
-    Acts at the vibratory level. No contraindications
-    Rechargeable
-    Minimum weight and thickness
-    Ideal for giving
-    Without maintenance
-    No need for adjustments
-    Excellent presentation
-    Considerable results in less time
-    30 days of Test. Satisfaction guaranteed or refund

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Energy Booster

Energy Booster
Life Energy Amplifier

Sticker radionicos

Two radionic stickers with holographic structure

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ARE X Portable devices are sold with a full satisfaction guarantee. You will have 30 days to check its effectiveness. In the unlikely event that they were not of your complete satisfaction, you can return them within that period, without explanation and you will receive a refund of the amount paid for them. This is a formal and written guarantee established for any country in the world.



Order your ARE X Portable card today and enjoy its features.
Order your ARE X Portable card today and enjoy its features

Reject imitations. We are manufacturers and distributors for exclusive sale.

30 Day Money Back


M.R. (Córdoba)M.R. (Córdoba)

“I perceive an extraordinary improvement since I use it”

Sofia Diego Sofía Diego

“A before and after in my feeling of being well. Thank you"

JL RoderoJ.L. Rodero

“I have a bioenergetic device and I have been able to verify the enormous difference in my measurements in just 1 day of use.“

David M.R. M.R. (Segovia)

“There are very positive things happening around me since I have the cards (I got 3)”

SilviaSilvia (Burgos)

“This should be known by more people”


“No tengo ninguna duda. Mi situación ha mejorado. Gracias"


“There are very positive things happening around me since I have the card”

Karen S. Waring K.S. Waring

“My partner is amazed at my vitality. In just a few days of use. It's really amazing”

Special offer for a limited time!



when ordering two or more cards

Energy Booster Gratis
Sticker radionico Gratis
Bravinn Technologies

Energy Booster...
Life Energy Amplifier

With a possitive radionic structure to carry in a chain or in your cell case.
High vibratory power. Increase personal vibration, serves as a screen against harmful energies.
It can be worn with a chain around the neck or placed on the mobile phone (cell phone) under any protective casing.

Also... If you place your order immediately

Two radionic stickers with holographic structure

You will also receive two radionic stickers with holographic structure, additional

with structure linked constantly with radionic device, which can be placed in areas of your work or home

to use the effect of wave amplified charities.

(Linked structure implies a constant orgone feed that energetically improves the area where it is placed)


Any questions?

Here we detail a series

of frequently asked questions that our clients have asked us

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How much time do they have to take?

Each person is different and part of a different situation in relation to what they want to improve. It is suggested between one and two hours a day as an average, but you can take it as long as you consider necessary because it has no restrictions on its use. Its action is exclusively vibratory and positive. In the case of the ARE X Portable "Wellness" card, its effects are appreciable in one or two days. Sometimes in a matter of a few hours.

Can it be carried in the purse or purse?

The card must be within the energy range of the person. Approximately 10 and 70 centimeters from the body on average. If you carry the wallet or purse nearby, it will work perfectly. The weakened organisms have the energy field also weak and the distance range decreases, so it would be better in a shirt pocket or pants. They do not have to be in contact with the body.

Can I sleep with my ARE X Portable under the pillow?

Many people use the wellness card at night, placing it under the pillow to regenerate their entire energy field while they sleep. Generally it rests much better and the sensation upon awakening is very positive.

Can I have it on my desk?

It is an option that many people consider. Being on and within the range of action mentioned above, it is enough to take advantage of its advantages.

What is the difference between a complete radionic device and this portable device?

A complete radionics device, such as the ARE X3 Pro, allows the user to personalize any work, both in therapy and personal development. It has an orgone generator, dials to adjust trends, dials to adjust the action and automatic and manual orgon frequency dials. You can also work specific pathologies or specific organs at the vibratory level. It is completely adjusted to the particular needs of both the person who uses it and the subjects, animals or things on which it is projected. It allows to perform actions at a distance, use computer programs, act on cases and particular problems, group and a very long etc. 
The ARE X Portable cards are designed and designed to act concretely on one aspect (depending on the theme of the card) in a simple and effective way. They do not require adjustment since each card specifically affects what it indicates. Just press the power button and let it act. They are rechargeable and work for hours with each charge. Many people find that they are a perfect model to experience and improve on a personal level or to help others without the need for a superior investment. Also, you can try them for 30 days without risksince they have a return guarantee. If they do not satisfy you, you only have to return them in that period and recover the amount paid for them without explanations.

How long will I see results?

The cards related to welfare, energy protection and pollution have quick effects, from several hours to days of application. In the others, it will depend on the starting situation of the person and their level of disharmony in relation to the chosen topic. Usually, those who need to improve in a certain area, have been years with important vibrational changes related to their problem. Energetic changes occur at different levels in a gradual way. It is necessary that there be some minimal modifications necessary for the real manifestation to begin. Once this happens, the person can appreciate both external changes and internal changes in their willingness to act in relation to the chosen objectives. There are people who appreciate results in a few days, several weeks, and some more time.

Can they be used constantly?

Most people use them for one or several hours a day, but you can choose more time if you wish. Each person starts from a different state in each subject to consider.There are no contraindications. Experiment yourself

Can I use two or more cards at the same time?

YES ,of course. There is no interference. You can carry them on at the same time. There are also people who use them alternatively (several hours each or alternating them on a daily basis).

Are they rechargeable? How?

They simply connect to a USB charger using the cable supplied. Its electrical consumption is minimal. The device shows when it is charging and when it has reached full charge. While the device is charging, two lights (red and blue) flash alternately. These lights are fixed when the device is loaded. It works perfectly for several hours in a row.

How to know what is working?

When the device is working, a small red light flashes in it.

Is it contraindicated with any treatment?

ARE X Portable cards do not act on a physical level nor are they designed for it. Therefore, there is no type of contraindication in relation to any conventional or alternative treatment.Never stop following the advice of your doctor or abandon any prescribed treatment.

Can I find them in stores in any country?

ARE X Portable cards are commercialized (at the moment) only through Internet. They are sent anywhere in the world, placing your order through this website (via email or by phone). Once the order and subscriber are made, they are sent immediately.

Can I order several cards of the same theme and benefit from the discount?

Of course, you can request two or more cards with the same field of application to get price reduction. Indicate it in the order form.

How long will it take to receive them?

Within Spain usually between 24 and 48 hours. Europe 3 to 7 days. Rest of the world between 7 and 10 days.

Can I use it while recharging?

When recharged, the card does not emit through its built-in special scalar antenna. Use it after charging it by pressing the power button. A soft flashing light will show you that it is working.

I have a radionic device ARE X3 Pro (or other), can I use be cards with my device?

Yes absolutely. You can use it as a separate device to be carried over (for what it has been designed) or to use it with your ARE X device. In the latter case, simply connect the card on the TREND input and all the key figures included in it. The card will be transmitted to the subject placed on the TARGET plate.

How are they acquired? How do they send them? How long does it take to arrive?

You can request them through the order form that is accessed below or through this link:  PEDIR AHORA    (Put link here). Once the payment is made, it is sent by transport agency to the indicated address. Within Europe: 4-5 days, rest of the world: 7-10 days approximately.

Are they sold in stores?

They are only distributed by order through the Internet to the whole world. (Directly or through affiliates).

Is it heavy? What is the size?

The cards ARE X Portable They are designed so that they can be worn perfectly anywhere, they only weigh approximately 20 grams. The size matches that of a business card (85.5 mm x 54 mm and only 4.5 mm thick).

Do you have a guarantee or trial period?

30 days trial guarantee. You can check its effectiveness in that period. In the unlikely event that they were not completely satisfied, you can return it and fully recover the amount paid (except for shipping and customs charges, if any).


Limited amount of cards at this price.

Do not wait for them to run out. Offer with deadline