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Solution of various problems, achievement of goals, effective alternative therapy, personal development, satisfactory relationships, income generation, protection and much more.

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Curso completo de radiónica práctica

In the 1940s, a brilliant American engineer came across something unknown to him. From the first moment he realized that he was facing something important. Something that could make a difference both in his life and in anyone who could utilizarlo. However, that seemed too good to be true, so the researcher decided that he would conduct experiments and see what seemed very promising results. The engineer was called T. Galen Hieronymus.


He was amazed

What Hieronymus found was defined by himself as a fascinating vibratory action system with multiple practical applications. In fact, the system was already known by the name of Radionics. (The radionic method had already been discovered and used by the medical doctor Albert Abrams several decades before).

The restless researcher Hieronymus was amazed to see the effectiveness and veracity of the results in the different uses of Radionics. Although this system was beginning to be used in the field of personal development, it had been used with success for years in the field of alternative therapy, agriculture and pest treatment, among other things.

Hieronymus decided to delve into everything related to radionics and its various applications. Over the years, he simplified and improved the methodology, developing different radionics devices. He even got a patent for one of his most functional models. According to the researcher himself, the possibilities of radionics for any common person can be simply extraordinary.


Demonstration of effectiveness

Hieronymus himself, an intelligent and very well trained man, always made it clear that radionics was not about anything miraculous, magical or strange. Its operation was based, according to his extensive research, on the vibratory connection that matter shares between its different elements, following energetic patterns. He went on to demonstrate at NASA that he could monitor the organic state of the Apollo project astronauts with complete accuracy. For this he used his radionics device, which could make measurements even when the conventional signal from the spacecraft was lost while they were in the area without coverage of the Moon.


Applications of great interest

Among other lesser-known applications of radionics, Hieronymus highlighted:

  • Treatment and elimination of conditions, general or specific
  • Development, increase and improvement of personal capacities
  • Increased physical performance, vitality and general well-being
  • Application as an effective bioenergetic therapy
  • Improved concentration, meditation and intellectual performancel
  • Functional rejuvenation at all levels
  • Improved physical appearance and weight control
  • Achievement of personal goals
  • Creation of favorable situations for a certain purpose
  • Positive influence on other people
  • Production of «positive energy flows» for different objectives
  • Development of inner energy, charisma and personal magnetism
  • Increased influence on others
  • Applications in crops and plants (improvement, development, treatment, etc)
  • Development of commercial activities and generation of income streams
  • And a long etc (see below)


How it works and how it is used

Basically, the radionic action is carried out by means of a device (radionic apparatus) that connects a present negative situation or imbalance with a positive situation or improved state. For example, a situation that generates a problem for a person is energetically linked with the vibration of another situation where the problem is non-existent or is solved. This is done by dials on a device and a simple operation.

To illustrate it, it would be like a ship that is in the middle of a storm and adjusts the automatic control mechanisms to get out of the storm and arrive happily towards its destination in perfect calm. It’s like setting the precise heading towards a desired heading.

It is a very simple procedure to perform. No special training is necessary and anyone, at any age, can carry it out in a few moments, following a few simple instructions.

When we link the negative situation with the positive one, we force the change (for the better) of the present reality (in relation to the subject, group or living being in question). It is the same thing that is sought to be achieved with creative visualization (imagining a desired situation or a solved problem), but in a much more adjusted, simple and fast way. In addition, the radionic device allows various measurements to be carried out in relation to the marked objectives. This allows us to see where we are in the process.


Radionics as an alternative therapy

If we consider the radionic therapeutic action, what is done is to link the situation of energy imbalance that produces disease with a normalized situation. Radionic ratios or alphanumeric representations of equilibrium states in relation to the different organs are also used. Other elements and natural remedies that are applied through the radionic device itself can also be used.It is a vibration therapy that does not interfere with any conventional treatment.

Since the time of Hieronymus, radionics and its practical applications have evolved greatly to the present day. It should be mentioned that still many «official» people and institutions dismiss radionics as «quackery» (as is said about homeopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, osteopathy, visualization , or even massages). However, the postulates of radionics have their scientific explanation in experimentation related to quantum physics and the effects of information transfer in the form of vibration, as we will see below.


Radionic-type experiments by renowned scientists

Even relevant characters like Dr. Luc Montagnier, one of the scientists who discovered the AIDS virus and awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2008, have successfully carried out radionic-type experiments, such as the one related to the so-called «memory of water» (for which it has been very criticized among his colleagues belonging to the official establishment).

According to this scientist, it is possible to convert DNA vibration (or other information) into a numerical signal and store it in a liquid such as water, which records the encoding in a kind of energetic memory. This «charged» water could be used for different positive purposes (from balancing an organism to enhancing behaviors or capacities). This process is related to the phenomenon of quantum communication, where it is possible to transfer information between entangled particles. Everything described is fully in line with radionic theory and the use of ratios (vibrational information codes) in the normal operation of radionics practice.

You will be able to learn to carry out this type of experiences with the Complete Course of Applied Practical Radionics.


Users experiment and check results

Radionic is currently used for very diverse purposes, which increases its interest beyond effective alternative therapeutic treatments. Users experiment and apply radionics in diverse fields such as:


Physical performance enhancement


Mental Wellness


Studies, exams and competitions


Balanced energy and well-being at all levels


Personal and partner relationships


Spiritual development jobs


Alternative therapies


Negative energy protection (telluric, technological, or of any kind)


Generation of general or specific positive states


Accelerated mental performance


Applications on business and economic objectives


Works on company groups and sports teams


Applications on animals and plants


Achievement of business and group goals


Decision making


Achievement of personal, professional or family goals


Improved visualization and mental focus


Vibrational type therapies applicable to various treatments


Increased efficiency in bioenergetic equipment


Increased efficiency in other radionic equipment


And a long etc.



Anyone can use radionics


Some people still confuse Radionics with the construction of radio or communication devices, but we must insist once again: Radionics is a personal development system that anyone can use in different fields of interest to advance to unsuspected levels.

The advantage of radionics is that you do not need deep knowledge to be able to use it. Whether you want to apply it to problem solving, energy therapy, improving your current situation, achieving achievements or progressing an activity of interest, you can do it from day one.If we refer to its use in therapy, since radionic acts at a vibratory level, it does not require specialization and you can use it with the peace of mind that it will always provide advantages. Radionics applied to people or living beings in general simply seeks to rebalance and return the energy substrate to the optimal state (the theory of bioenergetic action indicates that there is an energy framework prior to matter that interacts and influences it). You can work on the energy field of an organ, system or the whole of an organism. Learning to do it is simple, it has no contraindications and is clearly explained in the Complete Applied Practical Radionics Course . The results can be surprising and very positive.  

As for the other applications, what is done is to follow a vibratory connection procedure between representative coordinates of the present state and other specific ones in relation to what is to be improved. This is not done arbitrarily, but by following one or more simple procedures that are explained in this course and that have been tested and improved by generations of qualified researchers.


What does the «Complete Course of Applied Radionics» include 


To get the most out of this system of personal improvement and alternative therapy, it is important to do things correctly. That is the goal of «Complete Course of Applied Practical Radionics», containing more than 250 folio-size pages of information (equivalent to more than 500 book-format pages), recordings, demonstration videos, accessory graphics and even instructions for making your own symbolic functional radionic device, with which you can carry out all kinds of interesting experiences. We emphasize that handling a radionic device is simple, however, the extension of this course allows an overview of many of the possible options. The goal is for anyone to find the application or applications of greatest interest to them. Although it is an “exciting” course, you don’t have to learn it all if you don’t want to. You will be the one who decides what you want or need to use today, but you will always have a reference guide for any future options.


Other information of interest that you will also find in the course:


Most people who come to Radionics realize that there are not many manuals on this exciting topic. In addition, generally, many of the books that talk about radionics only mention the fields of use, but do not show how to use, in practice and in a simple way, one of these devices. Other courses are very expensive (up to more than 1,500 Euros or dollars), They require expensive or complex equipment and their language is difficult to understand.


The course that will open the doors to new possibilities

The Applied Practical Radionics Course aims to bring radionics and its possibilities of action closer to the general public, so that anyone without prior preparation can use it. It is a course that you can take advantage of, with a lot of practical and useful information. Also, it is very affordable. It is marketed at a very reasonable price. Our interest is that the maximum number of people can access this rapid progress system without having to spend more than necessary. Everything is presented in an understandable and entertaining way, revolving around getting the most out of a radionics equipment.


To facilitate learning and at the same time check the possibilities of Radionics, best of all, this course includes instructions for you to easily build a functional symbolic radionics device.  A real radionics machine (or wish machine, as some people call it popularly). It is very easy to do it with materials that you probably already have at home or that you can find in any stationery store in your area of residence. It is an improved model, based on the original of the researcher mentioned at the beginning of this information, G. T. Hieronymus.

It is a device that you will not find elsewhere, it can be assembled in less than ten minutes, it costs less than 7 euros (in case you need to acquire the common material) and it is perfectly usable. One of the videos that accompany this course shows the simple way to do it. Hieronymus developed so-called symbolic models of this type, which could easily be used to obtain practical results, get started and experiment with radionics, without the need for cables or electronic components, which are used in more advanced models.

The radionic device model that is included in this course allows to obtain results both at the level of alternative therapy and the achievement of goals and positive changes that you will be able to experience in a very short time.

At a reduced price, for a limited time only



Some comments about this course


I like natural treatments and radionics have been very easy for me to use, with good results and very fast.

Thelma Mcgrath (Dallas)

I started from scratch with this course. I have used the course gadget for several weeks. It is very amazing. You recover, healthy people. Sometimes you even doubt if it is real. I have put some problems to solve. A perfect one and very fast. On the others, they are gradually improving. It is my experience.

Orla Conroy (Phoenix)

 There is not much written about how to use radionics at the time of practice and what there is is usually very expensive and confusing to understand. I have found this course well explained, simple and suitable for both new and experienced.

Muneeb Stark (Portland)

Delighted that you have included how to make a radionics device. I bought what I needed at the stationery store. Total 4.60 euros. I set it up with the course video guide in less than 15 minutes. And works! I am very surprised with some experiments that I have done.

Lacey Bishop (Minneapolis)

 I have an ARE X3 Pro device and although it has instructions, I wanted to get more out of it. This course is what I was waiting for.

Elena J. (Los Angeles)

I have read some books on radionics in English, but the content leaves many questions. This course addresses issues that I have not seen elsewhere.

Shanae John (Tallahassee)

 Lots of information. Quite interesting. Enjoyable. Very useful.

Reinaldo Lima (Chile)

 I didn’t know anything about radionics. She did not relate it to personal development. When I found out, I purchased this course. It has fascinated me. I’m doing tests with the device that comes with the material. Everything is very simple. The tests with myself have gone very well. I feel better. It looks awesome. I recommend it.

Richard H.J. (Vancouver)

I have two radionics machines, but I see that I did a lot of things wrong. This information has clarified the operation for me. Now everything is much better. 

Boris Wells (Louisville)

 It is clear to me that the issues that are dealt with with radionics, either are completely resolved or, at the very least, end up taking a positive turn or lead to unexpected solutions that lead to something good. In difficult cases, follow the course directions. Some small details are quite important.

Israr Alexander (Melbourne)

Until I found this information, I did not really understand the different steps to work complicated cases. My work with radionics has turned upside down following the advice I have found.

G. Rider (Ecuador)

Very good course. Simple, covering many topics.

Juan Losquillo (Mexico DF)

The course makes it clear how to carry out treatments, find out energetic dysfunctions, ask questions, get answers, make decisions. Influence others.

Oswaldo (Perú)

Compared to another course in radionics that cost me expensive and very bad, this one is very complete. Also, it allows you to make as many symbolic devices as you want.

Regina Boyce (Boston)

The number of applications of radionics is fascinating to me. The course gives you new ideas. The experiences I have had are very good, both with myself and with family and friends.

Mariyah Jaramillo  (Atlanta)

 In my naturopathic practice I have been using the ARE X3 Pro device for a long time. I had some doubts about the application of radionics that the course has resolved. I have also tried the radionics device shown in this course with good results, although I prefer a professional one.

Víctor Zárate (Argentina)

Very skeptical about these things, I dared to try this course because it is not expensive. The theoretical foundation is reasonable to me and fits within certain philosophical currents, natural medicine and personal development that I share. After assimilating the material, what I have done to date is very satisfying.

Ricardo P.S.  (Barcelona)

 Happy with this that has come into my life as a real gift. I needed solutions and this is helping me a lot, in every way. Thanks.

Rachelle Marsh (Nashville)


The course includes valuable information and ways to achieve objectives of all kinds within the structure of reality in which each person finds himself. A radionic device is not a magic wand, but an instrument to accelerate processes, improve situations or link disharmonic states with improved realities, following a methodology that has been used and improved for more than a hundred years. Anyone with a desire to improve, advance, solve problems, help themselves or others, will find a world of possibilities in radionics and its practical use.


Why is this practical course a good investment?

We have adjusted the costs so that you can access the Applied Practical Radionics Course online and download what you need to build your own functional radionics device, immediately and for an absolutely affordable price. By having permanent online access, you will enjoy any update or improvement of this information free of charge. If you stop to think about the different applications of radionic for your particular needs, you will understand that this is a real investment and not a mere whim. You will have a valuable tool that will serve you for the rest of your life. Divide the reduced cost of this course by considering the diverse (and possibly daily) uses of just the next five years and you will see that you are facing one of the best investments you can consider. Imagine the possibilities for improvement that await you.
Stop for a moment to think about it and let your imagination run wild. Think about what you want, what you like and what you need right now… and get ready to go for it!
  • It will have an amazing alternative therapy system with multiple applications and without contraindications (it acts at a vibratory level). The use of radionic therapy does not interfere with any other natural therapy or conventional medical treatment.


  • You can schedule the achievement of those goals that are meaningful to you, increase the chances of getting what you need or want, find the solution to the issues that concern you, expand your possibilities of generating income, improve your relationships or help family and friends , among many other possibilities.


  • You will be able to build (in less than ten minutes) and easily a radionic device that will allow you to apply what you learn in the course and know the positive effects that are produced.


  • You will see, through the videos, how radionic is used in a simple way. With step-by-step directions.


  • You will hear information of interest about this personal development system (the video includes recordings -podcasts- with data of interest)


  • You will learn the theoretical basis on which radionics is based and interesting facts about experimentation, which will give you new ideas to apply in your personal objectives.


  • You will immediately access the course and all its extra, at the moment you make the request and pay for it.


At a reduced price, for a limited time only



What to keep in mind before deciding

At this point, you have several options :

The first is to forget everything you’ve seen so far and move on with your life and your problems. It is a legitimate option, but one that will not allow you to improve or advance. It will continue in what everyone knows as a «comfort zone» or rather «zone of sopor». It may be that, at this moment, you have lost your ability to get excited or that you are not interested in getting more out of your life. Perhaps he has surrendered to his current situation and does not want to get excited again in some way. It is your decision. The problem is that when things are abandoned, they never get better and almost always get worse.


The second is to acquire this valuable information and not use it. If so, you won’t get any profit. Better save your money. There must be a minimum of interest on your part to take advantage of what comes to you. Although it is a very tightly priced course, you would be spending resources on something that you are not going to use, and you would simply miss an opportunity to progress.


The third is to decide to improve and progress. Resolve within yourself that you want to become the person who directs your own life. Decide that external circumstances and others will not determine your own existence. These fundamental ideas and an open mind will be the best foundation to go ahead and enroll today in the Complete Practical Radionics Course, with the purpose of using what you learn to get the most out of it, both for you and for those around that you appreciate. Getting ready to contribute his degree of sand to make this world better.

Keep in mind the special sale price of this course (only for a few days) and all the valuable additional material that is given completely free. If you already have a radionics device, you can use the important tips in this course to get the most out of it. If you still do not have a radionic device or want to have an additional one, with the instructions in this course, you can make one or more functional devices to experiment with, with very inexpensive elements, following the simple instructions in the video.



You will enjoy a 30-day guarantee to check if the material is of interest to you. You can immediately access all the information that makes up the Complete Applied Practical Radionics Course. Also to all the valuable accessory bonuses. In the unlikely event that it is not to your complete satisfaction, you can return the access code and fully recover the amount paid for it. This guarantee is formal and written for all purposes (*). If after the 30-day guarantee period you decide to stay with the course, you will not have to do anything. You will continue to have access to it with your personal password, in addition to any possible future update, indefinitely.
(*) (Clarification. – To prevent any person from taking undue advantage of this honest guarantee, it is clearly established that, within the thirty-day guarantee period, you will be able to return the access code and recover the amount paid, provided that you do not proceed to download any available file. (Of course, you will be able to see and read them right out of the box). At the time you proceed to a download, your warranty period will have ended and it will be considered that you keep the course permanently, with all its advantages) This text is a translation of our site in Spanish. It is added for informational purposes. in case there is a discrepancy, the Spanish version will be binding.



I have no experience with radionics. Can I take advantage of it?
Radionics is a personal development system that ranges from alternative treatments to the achievement of goals of all kinds. This is done by means of devices specially designed to connect with the so-called “enhanced states” of any situation. Using radionics is simple and does not require complex training. It is a very practical system that anyone can use with surprising results. You can review the different utilities in which users employ it and which are mentioned in this report.


I don’t know anything about circuits or assemblies Am I going to have to learn how to do any of this to have my own «wish machine» (or symbolic radionics device as you call it)?
You do not need special learning or knowledge. The qualification of «machine of desires» is a nickname given by many users due to the effectiveness they have found. The symbolic radionic device is a type of experimental device that does not require cables or physical circuits because the functional diagram to be printed is supplied with the course and it only has to be downloaded simply from the platform where it is located on the Internet (with access code). Used well, its effectiveness is confirmed by the research of T. Galen Hieronymus. It is easily mounted on a plastic surface using simple and very inexpensive elements found in a stationery store (or other general trade). It is even likely that you already have the materials you need in your home pantry and do not need to buy anything else. The course shows the quick assembly, which does not require prior knowledge (you will access a video with step-by-step instructions). Anyone over the age of ten can complete this simple task in just a few minutes. 


Can I find the information for this course elsewhere?
The information contained in this course is original from Radionic-International. Unlike old manuals or with complex terminology, the radionics theory shown in this course is very easy to understand and accessible to all. Recommended for anyone who wants to learn a technique that can be useful in practically any field of interest. 
(Note. – This course is protected by legally constituted Copyright (copyright). The total or partial reproduction of this work, nor its computer processing, nor the transmission in any form or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical or by photocopy, by registration or any other method, is not allowed without the prior written permission of Copyright holders)


I have another radionics device. Is the information in this course worth it?
The information in this course is theoretical and practical and valid to use any quality or well-constituted radionic device. It will absolutely improve your use without a doubt. If you have an ARE X3 Pro device you will get the most out of it. It is necessary to clarify that not everything that is sold as a radionic device is. Radionics methodology is varied and this course uses a very practical type of radionics, simple to learn and easy to use. Anyone can get a lot out of this course and apply it to the device they have. On the other hand, it shows how to make a very cheap and easy to assemble radionics device, so you can carry out interesting and useful experiments that will amaze you with their possibilities of action. 


Can I make several devices with the information that I am going to receive? Will that improve my chances?
Of course. You can make as many devices as you want. Your chances of achieving it will depend on various aspects that are explained in the course and that you should take into account when using radionics. Of course, if you have multiple devices, you can use them for a longer period of time for different purposes, which could be an added advantage. 


How long will it take to get results with radionics? Always works?
It will depend on the situation you are in at any given time. Not everyone starts from the same point and this will determine the amount of time it will take to see positive changes. Simple objectives can be observed in minutes or hours and those that involve complex changes (where a multitude of circumstances are involved) They require longer times and an action strategy that is explained in the course. Radionics works as long as what you are looking for is feasible in the physical world and there is an energy substrate that allows it. For example, if you are eighty years old and intend to win an Olympiad by competing with young people in their twenties, this is not achievable under any functional criteria. 


Is radionics something miraculous?
It is already commented in another part of this report that radionic is not miraculous nor does it pretend to be the solution to all the problems that exist. It is something serious, which is used with the aim of improving in various fields of interest, increasing possibilities, recovering well-being, simplifying access to objectives, modifying negative situations and unlocking adverse circumstances. Radionics is based on a bioenergetic theory shared by other developing research fields. Radionics serves to focus human capacities (connection) using devices that allow interaction with different vibratory configurations. Nothing more and nothing less.


Is the money-back guarantee they offer reliable?
Once the amount of the course has been paid, you will receive an access code and will have all the information through the Internet. Since the first moment. You will be able to access the complete course, read it, listen to the recordings, consult everything and view everything. If you decide that it is not for you, you only have to return the access code to us within the period of 30 days and you will recover the amount paid immediately. This is a formal, written guarantee. If you keep the course, you will have permanent unlimited access, including updates that may occur in the future, which is an added benefit. 


(clarification. – To prevent any person from taking undue advantage of this honest guarantee, it is clearly established that, within the thirty-day guarantee period, you will be able to return the access code and recover the amount paid, as long as you do not proceed to download any available file (of course, you can see and read them right out of the box). At the time you proceed to a download, your warranty period will have ended and it will be considered that you keep the course permanently, with all its advantages)

At a reduced price, for a limited time only