Do you want to influence your environment? Do you want to reach for something that resists you? Looking to learn more easily? Do you want to increase your well-being? Are you interested in progressing from your current state? These are just a few of the exciting possibilities you can access using radionics experimentation. But there is much more.

          We present you an accessory device that allows you to turn your mobile phone (cell phone) or any audio player into a transmitter of powerful subtle messages destined to affect your own energy field or that of other people with diverse and positive objectives. These are the Chartres and / or Amiens Scalar Emission Antennas.


Advantages of unconscious and positive influence


          Unconsciously influencing ourselves or other people has multiple repercussions. Stop for a moment and imagine what that can mean on every level. One of the fundamentals of bioenergetics is that negative behavior patterns can be modified when we affect, through different means, on the vibratory substrate of a person. Skills and abilities can also be improved. It would be like a performance at a subliminal level aimed at generating changes from within. When a message or idea is installed at deep levels, the person generates new patterns of behavior or improvement in areas that were previously considered difficult.

            How could it be done? It is very simple: Broadcasting non-audible messages through scalar technology devices. Specifically specially designed antennas conceived for this type of action. The antennas use a circuit similar to the labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral and Amiens Cathedral. Both designs have been shown to be very effective in relation to the so-called «Shape Waves».


A sample (photograph, physical sample or others, for example) of the person or persons on whom the radionic action is to be carried out is used. This sample serves as an energetic «structural link» (a connection is established at the molecular structure level following models similar to those experienced with crystals in quantum physics). Working on the sample, we also work on the primary structure (the person himself) according to the postulates of radionics.

            The theoretical principle of operation is based on the recording of different phrases or radionic ratios (preset alphanumeric settings that are supplied together with the instructions for use). Any message you want to convey can also be used. The recording is carried out using the recorder of your mobile phone. The antenna is then connected to the headphone output and the recording is played. Previously the sample of the person is placed on the antenna. The scalar antenna transmits the information by converting the recording into vibration that affects the energy field of the target person (it can be the person who uses the antenna or a different subject, depending on the antenna that is used). All following principles of radionic theory and scalar technology.




Perfect for the use of affirmations of all kinds, issuance of ratios (corrective alphanumeric settings), enhancement of actions, fixation of study material, modification of negative behaviors and more examples of experimentation on subtle energies.




Influence on oneself or on others using easy-to-use radionic instrumentation


Although a complete radionics device offers more options, many people do not have enough budget or simply want to get started with simpler and cheaper devices. Radionic antennas are an effective and useful option that allows you to use any audio player you already have at home as a radionic emitter, such as your own phone, computer, Tablet or MP3 player.





Now you can experiment with the world of radionics using a simple to use and affordable device with multiple applications of interest.




How to use:


  • Simply record different phrases, ideas, radionic ratios, etc. using your own voice. on your audio player or phone (also valid for mantras, songs with messages, phrases considered sacred and decrees). You can use the radionic ratios suggested in the instructions for use that are sent or use your own messages, information, statements. You can record study material that you want to consolidate (the memorization of the material is deeper when using these devices).


  • Connect radionic scalar antenna


  • Place sample of person on paper or photo on top of antenna


  • Issue the recorded information. It is usually done in loop mode (automatic repetition programmed in the player you use)


  • You can repeat the action as many times as you consider appropriate in each case

What you will receive:

– Chosen radionic antenna (see options)
– Connection cable
– Instructions for use
– Ratios to improve (radionic codings for general well-being)
– Various ratios (weight loss, personal improvement, increased capabilities, different types of objectives)
– Indications to make your own phrases and increase effectiveness


Two types of radionic scalar antennas. Choose the most convenient option for you

Antena Escalar Chartres
Chartres antenna
. – To be used mainly by the operator himself as an element of research and experimentation on his own person. It is the one that works best when working with yourself. You can use the full range of uses including alternative therapy.

Amiens antenna.
 – To be used mainly with people other than the operator himself. That is, when we want to generate new, different or better behaviors in other people. Also to use balancing or therapy ratios over others.
Oferta Antena Escalar Chartres + AmiensChartres and Amiens Antenna Pack. – Take advantage of the special offer to have both antennas. Expand your possibilities of action.



  • Do they include instructions for use?

Yes, you will receive detailed suggestions on how to use these devices.


  • How long does it takes to see results?

In matters of comprehensive balance and release of anxiety, the results can be observed on the same day of use. For other matters that you can record and broadcast, it will depend on the state at the point of departure.


  • Do the antennas work as a complete radionics device?

The antennas emit corrective information, aimed at modifying performance patterns, fixing information at a deep level or improving capacities and aptitudes. A complete radionics kit has many more options (measurement, use of orgone, precise monitoring of a process, automation of actions, choice of options, general state of a complete subject or situation, etc., etc.). However, it is an option to work with radionics in an inexpensive and experimental way.


  • Can I use it with any audio player?

Yes. Just connect it with a wired connection (supplied). In addition, the antenna has a specific protection system for perfect continuous operation.


  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

You will have a 30-day trial. If you are not satisfied during this period, you only have to return the antenna (or antennas) and recover the amount paid for the product without explanation (shipping costs are not refundable).


  • Can they be used for any kind of purpose?

Any personal development and positive change goals. Consider the ethics of working with other people. 


  • What are radionic ratios? Do you send ratios with instructions?

Radionic ratios are alphanumeric settings (generally) that are used to enhance (or achieve) aspects of interest. They are also used to reduce (or eliminate) what is undesirable. An example of a radionic ratio to increase energy is «+0049 Vitality». When these ratios are emitted (previously recorded in audio) through the radionic antenna, it is sought to produce changes in the target person.


  • How do you work with your own person or a different person with the antennas?

Simply by placing the so-called structural link on the antenna. Generally through a sample (minimum portion of hair, individual photo, saliva sample on paper, etc.). When working on the sample, a physical phenomenon of resonance is produced that affects the target person of the ratios, message or statements. 


  • Can you say phrases of any kind, prayers or sacred mantras?

In radionics we do not enter into the religious beliefs or ideas of each person. However, we note that most of the classical purification mantras and prayers used for generations have a very positive effect, at different levels, when they are emitted and directed to anyone through radionic equipment or radionic scalar antenna. Interestingly, this occurs even when working with atheists.


  • How can you check that they are working?

On a physical level, kinesiological muscle testing can be performed. These tests, carried out before and after the radionic action, always reveal an increase in energy, vitality and resistance when working on physical, mental or mood-enhancing aspects. In any case and on a regular basis, the person can perceive improvement and positive changes, especially with continued use. 


  • How can you get them?

Through the order form. They can be paid by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer (the reception of the transfer usually takes time depending on the country of origin, so it is recommended to use immediate payment by PayPal or card to speed up the shipment.


  • How long will it take to receive them?

Upon receipt of your order and payment thereof, we will send your purchase within the next business day. You will receive your order in 24/48 hours (national), 2 to 3 days (Europe), 7 days approx (rest of the world).








 Avatar “Brilliant. Simple to use. The changes for the better are quite noticeable”



“I use it to learn more easily. Strengthen my memory”


Avatar “I have started using it in my alternative query. Patients seem to respond better to treatments.”


Avatar “I have recorded the phrases and numbers that they suggest for balanced and I notice a lot of well-being.”


Avatar «I record affirmations and decrees and words that are meaningful to me. I feel so much better since using this system.”


Avatar «I feel more relaxed when I put it to use. My anxiety has practically disappeared.”


Avatar “I have lost weight and now I even do sports. I’m very motivated. I change the messages as I move towards new goals.”


Avatar “It is very easy to influence others to do things. I use them with children to reinforce appropriate behaviors.”


Avatar “I play sports and I notice that I have improved with this device. My willpower has increased.”


Avatar “I am eating healthier and so is my family. Before it was difficult to adapt to new habits. Using the antenna you can see that there are changes for the better.”


Avatar “I need motivation to carry out my commercial activity. I use the Chartres antenna almost daily with me and the Amiens with my work equipment. Our sales have improved. In my case it has been a small investment that generates large benefits. I recommend both.”


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      You will receive your scalar radionic antenna (Chartres, Amiens or both, depending on your choice) together with the instructions for use and application ideas. In addition, you will receive as a gift, completely FREE a set of radionic ratios especially useful both for general well-being and for the achievement of objectives, with precise indications for its use. You will have 30 days to experiment and check the effectiveness of these devices. In the unlikely event that you do not obtain complete satisfaction, you can return your purchase and fully recover the amount paid for it (shipping costs are not refundable). This is a formal, written guarantee for anywhere in the world.




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Note.- We clarify that radionics, like visualization, cannot guarantee 100 x 100 the materialization of any unattainable goal, for the simple reason that we are subject to physical laws that prevent us from having wings or studying an engineering degree in a week. However, radionics does offer to find the right vibration to accelerate the processes of materialization of what we want within the real possibilities. Tuning in to these frequencies provides extraordinary possibilities according to the postulates of radionics theory. The best way to prove it in practice is through personal experimentation (All of our advanced radionics equipment ships with a 30-day full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that the buyer does not obtain the desired results).

(*) Radionics are not a substitute for doctors. Radionics only considers the vibratory or energy level, a dimension not recognized by official science. If you think you are sick, you should go to your doctor or recognized health personnel immediately, who are the ones who are legally trained to treat illnesses and physical problems.

(#) Suggested uses do not imply claims by the marketer. Results cannot be guaranteed as each user and circumstances are different. Any suggestions within the text should be understood as possibilities for experimentation. A comprehensive money-back guarantee is provided in case the device does not meet your expectations.