Do you suffer from stress or anxiety? Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you find it difficult to relax easily? Now your problem can have a simple solution without the need to use unnecessary pills or medications.


  • Do you experience episodes of low vitality or chronic fatigue?
  • Do you want to speed up recovery or convalescence from any ailment?
  • Would you like to clear your mind in minutes? Have more spirits without using drugs? Boost your mental capacity?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then the following information is of particular interest to you.


The curious origin of recovery and well-being circuits

    During World War I, a military pilot named L. Ernest Eeman suffered an accident and was seriously injured. His recovery process was slow and painful. When he was discharged, the consequences were so significant that he was declared “unable” to do any work. But Ernest was no ordinary man. He decided that he would fight to regain his full health and well-being. He was still young, he had a life ahead of him and he didn’t want to experience it with reduced vitality.

      Striving to conduct research despite his condition, Eeman discovered something interesting about the human organism. The body has positive and negative polarity and is run through energy channels where constant transfers occur to maintain optimal health and functionality. This process allows the body to recover, increase its general vitality and remain free of ailments. The natural balance mechanism is affected by stress, atmospheric conditions, static electricity, exposure to electrical devices, trauma or various diseases, among other conditions.

    Ernest Eeman thought that it would be very useful to facilitate and accelerate this natural process both in healthy people and in those who suffered from some ailment. Also for those who were recovering from an illness or suffering after-effects from an injury.


Surprising results

      Ernest Eeman conceived a circuit made up of copper-based plates, cables and handles that was simply placed under the body in a lying position, did not require external power, and restored the natural energy flow in a matter of minutes. His system externally bypassed the areas of the body that prevented the correct flow of vital energy. A bridge was established between overloaded areas and weakened areas. Energy blockages were overcome (which were then dissolved) and the proper balance was restored.

Eeman experienced the circuit with his own body, achieving a rapid and complete recovery in a very short time. Later, and after expanding his knowledge about natural therapies, he opened a practice where he used his “Optimal Circuit” to help many patients restore their well-being for more than 35 years. In this period, he developed different improvements and versions of his circuit.


Energy blockages, how they occur and how to dissolve them

    Experimental evidence shows that stress, worries, intense emotions, illness or excessive work pressure can produce blockages and alter the natural energy circulation process. They can slow down this process or even interrupt it completely in different areas. Negative thoughts or psychological conflicts can also cause significant alterations in this regard. This delays organic regeneration, causes discomfort, produces fatigue and can cause both physical illnesses and mental alterations that can become disabling. Removing blockages by normal means may require the use of expensive therapy sessions repeated over time. The optimal relaxation, well-being and balanced circuit is an economical and practical method of maintaining vital energy flows, dissolving undesirable obstructions and their negative consequences.


What exactly is the “Optimal circuit of relaxation, well-being and balance”

The Optimal Circuit of Relaxation, Well-being and Balance is an improved evolution of Eeman’s optimal circuit and the subsequent developments of bio-energetic circuits. It is made up of two main pieces that are placed comfortably under the head and under the end of the spine when a person is lying down (they are placed over clothing, without touching the skin). The main parts have secondary circuits and reinforcement chips, attached to handles that are held in your hands during the pleasant rebalancing process. The person places themselves on the circuit in the position shown in the figure for a few minutes (10 to 30 minutes), experiencing a pleasant sensation of relaxation and revitalization. It is common for some users to fall asleep during the process to wake up with a clear head, as if they had experienced a dream of several hours.



Main objectives of use of the “Optimal relaxation, well-being and balanced circuit”

      The Optimal relaxation circuit is designed to achieve balance, harmonization and energetic revitalization in just a few minutes. It is very easy to use and, according to the users themselves, the device can be used for different purposes:

  • Clear your mind
  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety
  • Recover from accumulated stress in minutes
  • Restore balance after mental effort
  • Facilitate sleep and contribute to quality rest
  • Relieve or eliminate discomfort of undefined origin
  • Harmonize physical and mental levels
  • Facilitate concentration, memorization and meditation activities
  • Counteract physical fatigue and accelerate recovery
  • Counteract Jet Lag (changes due to schedules on long trips) and accelerate the body’s time adaptation.
  • Increase results in creative visualization work



Additional advantages

  • It is a very simple and quick way to generate well-being
  • Boosts results of any alternative therapy action by accelerating regeneration processes
  • Balances on an energetic level without interfering with conventional medical treatments.
  • Facilitates any personal development work
  • Positively affects blood pressure by facilitating relaxation
  • Facilitates the disappearance of organic discomfort caused by muscle overload
  • It increases vital energy and its harmonious distribution throughout the body (it can be verified by muscle, dowsing or kinesiological testing, in addition to any bioresonance or radionics equipment).
  • Perfect for Reiki and Shiatsu practitioners
  • Advisable for therapists (use for self-regulation, balancing and recovery)
  • Ideal for sensitive people who work in the world of art or music
  • Highly appreciated by sports and physical development lovers
  • Advisable for students, candidates or people who have to face exams and stressful situations. Ideal for use after intense study
  • The perfect and original gift for people interested in any type of personal improvement
  • The scientific study carried out by Dr. Julian Isaacs of John F. Kennedy University found that (in addition to dissolving blockages) users produced the well-known and beneficial “Alpha Waves” when using the optimal circuit (Alpha Waves imply a state of deep relaxation that generates significant benefits for both mind and body)
  • Advisable to prepare the body and mind before meditation by facilitating creative visualization
  • By facilitating relaxation, it positively affects blood pressure
  • Improves the ability to concentrate, clearing the mind and facilitating processes that require analysis.


Specific characteristics


  • It incorporates a double boosting circuit to increase results.
  • Exclusive design for expanded effect
  • Does not require batteries or electrical connection (interacts with the electromagnetic potential of the body itself)
  • Light weight, perfectly transportable on trips or trips


An amazing device that will make a difference in your well-being

      Experts agree that good physical condition is the basis for a full life. The Optimal Circuit of Relaxation, Well-being and Balance it presents multiple advantages that will mark a before and after in your daily performance.

      Its use can mean significant savings in time and money in corrective therapies. It can also make it unnecessary to use supplements and drugs to reduce the damage caused by stress or achieve proper rest.

Eric Powell, another researcher, a contemporary of Ernest Eeman, found that the relaxation circuit was especially useful for those who suffered from insomnia, abdominal discomfort due to states of nervous overexcitation, anxiety, restlessness and depression. It makes it easier for many people to not need to use dangerous supplements with side effects.


Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to use it to get benefits?

Generally, it is only necessary between 10 and 30 minutes of use to appreciate well-being, rest and greater energy.


Do I have to use it daily?

There are people who use it daily and others only when they feel tired after a strenuous day or feel upset for any other reason. Once you experience the benefits associated with its use, you will be able to determine what is most appropriate in your particular case.

Is it a relaxation circuit similar to that of L.E. Eeman?

The circuits of L.E. Eeman of the early 20th century evolved with new discoveries about human organic polarity. The Optimal Wellness and Balanced Relaxation Circuit © presents outstanding improvements with respect to primitive designs. Add secondary circuits integrated into the main circuit to enhance results. It incorporates principles related to Polarity Therapy and uses wave-generating elements in a positive way. It also integrates foundations of radionic theory. It is an original and registered design that allows you to take full advantage of its base action, facilitating maximized performance.


What happens if I fall asleep?

Many people use it precisely to sleep more easily. Also to take a short nap after your work day or when you have little time for a longer rest. If you fall asleep during use, you will wake up with a pleasant feeling of revitalization.


Can it be used by different people?

Of course. Any member of the family can use it. In this case, it is suggested that you expose the circuit to the sun for a few minutes on each side to eliminate energy remains and avoid contamination from one person to another.


Does it run on batteries or does it need to be recharged?

The circuit does not require batteries of any type nor does it need to be connected to the electrical network. The Optimal Wellness and Balanced Relaxation Circuit © facilitates the proper circulation of the subtle energies present in the body, overcoming any blockage or barrier that may form for multiple reasons.


Can I use it if I follow any medical or alternative treatment?

The bioenergetics principles on which the Optimal Wellness and Balanced Relaxation Circuit © is based mean that it does not interfere at all with any conventional or alternative treatment you are following. On the contrary, users use it as an adjuvant to facilitate energy recovery and structural functionality.


Is it easy to use?

Absolutely simple. You just have to sit or lie down on the plates that make up the circuit, placing one at the height of the neck and another in the lower area of the spine, approximately where it ends (coccyx bone area). Then take one of the handles in your right hand and the other in your left hand. He crosses one leg over the other and that’s it. In any case, the circuit is shipped with detailed instructions for immediate use.


Does it wear out over time?

There is no wear on the circuit. Its design and robustness allows indefinite use in perfect conditions.


Can it be tested? Do you have a money back guarantee?

Like any of our articles, you will have 30 days to verify its usefulness. If you are not satisfied, you can return it within that period and recover the amount paid immediately (shipping costs are not refundable).


Dr. Julian Isaacs of John F. Kennedy University conducted a double-blind scientific study on biocircuits. (Double Blind Study of the Biocircuit: A P. Subtle-Energy-Based Relaxation Device)

These are just some of their findings:

  1. Subjects experienced significantly more sleep, relaxation, and greater depth in restorative brain states
  2. The muscles relaxed significantly more deeply.
  3. All subjects identified the real biocircuit as more relaxing than a fictitious circuit (placebo).
  4. The study findings demonstrate the superiority of the relaxation biocircuit over a placebo control in producing relaxation under fully controlled double-blind conditions.
  5. The chances that the results of this study are wrong are less than 1 in 5,000.


Some comments about the Optimal Circuit:

 Avatar “For me it has been a complete discovery. I am a salesperson and I usually generate a lot of stress in my work. I need to make contacts and get sales, in addition to organizing events, planning various meetings and preparing reports. I work mornings and afternoons and I have little time to have lunch and relax. I usually use the circuit to take a short nap in the office or sometimes sitting in my car. I almost always fall asleep within a few minutes and when I wake up my head is clear and I feel brand new.”  (Andrew Callaghan)


“Years ago I read a book called “Biocircuits” that spoke wonders about this, but then I couldn’t find a place to get it. When I saw it advertised I decided to try it and it was a success. It is serving me a lot” (Fernando Olmo)

Avatar “My wife has noticed how my anxiety decreases or is eliminated with this device. Now she also wears it some days. We both feel better and have more energy. Chronic discomfort from an old injury has practically disappeared” (Richard Holland)
Avatar “I practice Reiki and have noticed that the energy flow in my hands is stronger. In addition, a muscle discomfort in my shoulder has disappeared.” (Elisa Fuentes)
Avatar “I had little confidence when I received it, I even thought it would have a placebo effect, but I feel much better than before. With more energy. I use it practically daily” (Gonzalo Ruiz)
Avatar “After the gym it is great for me to recover. I have noticed that my overall performance has increased” (Oscar García)
Avatar “I had several decisions to make, but I was stunned, indecisive and very lost. After several sessions with the circuit my mind became clearer. I felt strong to act. As if I had cleared the access controls of my behavior” (Esther Mendoza)
Avatar “It gives me peace, relaxes me and recharges me” (Gerardo Sanz)
Avatar “You do not have to do anything. You lie on it or, while sitting, you put one part at the end of your back and another at the height of your neck. Next, you cross one leg over the other and place the handles in your hands. That’s all. When I am very charged, I am able to notice how the energy flows inside me and I begin to relax. Within a few minutes I experience relief and greater vitality” (Antonio Mesa)
Avatar “Honestly, I have to say that it works very well. I don’t usually comment on what I buy, but this one has earned it” (Marc Addison)
Avatar “Apart from having more vitality, I sleep much better since I had it” (Arthur Goldman)
Avatar “It is a device with a simple appearance and very easy to use. You just have to place one part behind your head and the other, more or less, at the height of the lower bone of the spine, on your clothes, grab the handles, cross your legs and close your eyes to let yourself go. Nothing else. I use it daily and it makes me feel very good”. (Luisa Reinosa)
Avatar “It was worth it. A brilliant invention. Everything very simple. It clears me up quickly and helps me meditate” (María Lorca)


“Japanese Dr. Yoshio Manaka, specialized in acupuncture and alternative treatments, conducted tests in which he connected different parts of the body with cables (similar to what the optimal relaxation circuit does). In one of his experiments he joined a burned area of the body of an injured person with another part of the body that was healthy. The result is that the burns healed in record time. According to Manaka, this experiment demonstrates that vital energy “Qi” (also called Chi, Prana, Orgone, etc.) exists and can flow through a wire. Dr. Manaka theorized that small amounts of electrical current that are generated in the body itself also move from one area of the body to another, balancing it and helping it in the regeneration processes. This is in line with the work of researcher Robert O. Becker on the positive effect of the body’s electrical balance on the healing of bone tissue.


Multiple advantages that you should not miss

      Using the Optimal Circuit can provide you with multiple possibilities for individual improvement (already mentioned above). Imagine the valuable advantages this can bring in your particular case..

Greater energy, more control, revitalizing sleep, less stress and greater mental stability are essential values. A balanced body is the basis of good health.

      Deep rest and adequate energy distribution facilitate organic recovery, maintaining psychological well-being and enjoying good spirits to face life from a positive perspective.



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The greatest guarantee

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