Warning: The following article contains controversial information that implies a different view of the commonly accepted reality.

 Human beings have one of the best tools to make what we need come true and to express the desires we want to achieve. This tool is available to each of the inhabitants of this planet to a greater or lesser extent.  

Starting from the circumstances of each one, it serves to improve those circumstances, overcome problems and provide us with what we need. It can act at the level of achieving or accelerating healing processes, at the level of finding solutions to the difficulties that arise or bringing us closer to the realization of goals and desires.

The ancients already discovered this valuable instrument and found a way to make it work the way they wanted. Closed organizations were established where only the initiates were revealed how to get the most out of the mechanism. If you haven’t figured out what we mean yet, we’ll give you a hint: It’s a biological tool. It is unique. Is small. She is amazing. It is the brain.

The brain is more than just a thinking machine. Sensitive people know it. It can connect us with other realities and also influence our activities through the subconscious mind. It is precisely this part of the brain that can help us connect with other living beings and with practically everything that exists, on a different level than that of spoken or written communication.

 But the most amazing thing is that it can also help us to influence our environment, design different realities and materialize them if necessary.


What does it mean to design a different reality and how is it done?

A reality is what happens in a true way. This is a dictionary definition. It is said that reality is opposed to fantasy. However, determining what is reality and what is fantasy has been a debate since ancient times. Reality is not made up of only material things. Emotions, feelings, ideas and mental representations are part of a person’s reality. Individual fantasy is also part of individual reality. Finally we will say that reality is the set of everything that exists that is related to a person’s life, from their personal or group vision.

Thus, the experiences of a medical doctor dedicated body and soul to his patients will be different in many aspects from the reality of someone who develops his life in the hospitality environment. Nor will the reality of a housewife with four small children be the same as that of a professional who dedicates himself entirely to singing opera. They are all real, but very different. Each individual will experience it in a completely personal way depending on the objective main activity, but also on his personal characteristics, aspirations or education. And each one will find elements that they want to modify, eliminate, accelerate or differentiate. Things you want to have and get. Referring to money or material or different goods. The goals will also be different even in those people who share a similar reality.

There is nothing wrong with any positive reality, but you can always change any reality or modify it to achieve the goals we want or need. We have the ability to create, materialize, build and manifest. This is a proven fact. That is very important and it is what brings true meaning and satisfaction to the life of a human being.


What is the first step to change our reality?


The first step is to realize that we have the ability to change things. If we believe that we can do it, we will be at the starting point. There is always room for improvement and we always have the option of entering a continuous improvement loop. The so-called “virtuous circle” as opposed to the so-called “vicious circle”.

Our mind is designed to find solutions. But not only logically. We can also act on the parameters that configure reality using our mind in a holistic way. What does that mean? We have at our disposal very powerful elements for change. And that is what this report and its content are about. Would you like to change aspects of your reality? Would you like to modify it completely? Maybe only the negative enhancing the positive? You decide.

People often agree that it is possible to achieve goals and change things, but they don’t know how to do it. Some think they know the way, but they are often wrong. Still others believe that improvement is almost always possible, but only with extraordinary effort and do not always want to pay the price. The reality is different. It doesn’t take a titanic effort. No special features are required. Hard and extraordinary learning is not necessary. It is necessary to believe, desire, use the appropriate means and experience the changes that occur. It’s that simple if you really want to improve. Then you have to do something else. We will see it right away.


Do you really want to improve your reality and your life?


        Do not read on if you have questions, if you think nothing can help you, or if you think your situation is special. All situations are. All lives have their own «puzzle». It is your mission to find the way or ways to solve it. And we will tell you something: There is always room for improvement. If you have already given up, if you no longer have illusions or if you believe that there is no way that your life will evolve for the better, do not waste your time anymore. But if you want to improve, you want to do something to change your circumstances, you want to look for options and above all, you want to see positive and real results, then you should read on.


Quantum Physics and radionics


Currently, most research in Radionics falls within the scope of modern discoveries made in the field of so-called Quantum Physics. This branch of Physics has shown that the mind of the experimenter can influence the results obtained in investigations with particles of matter, both in their behavior and in the results.

If even official Science admits that matter can be influenced by human consciousness, it is possible to accept that we can also influence our environment and reality in the same way. Especially if we consider that ultimately everything that we are and surrounds us is made up of both animate and inanimate matter.


The influence of thought on circumstances and the environment

It is not necessary to stray far from our daily activities to see how the energy of thought causes perceptible effects. For example, almost anyone can easily appreciate when there is a rarefied environment in a workplace, where workers are unhappy, or where there are strong discrepancies. The same happens with a home where there is emotional breakdown and significant differences between family members.

On the contrary, people experience pleasant sensations in harmonious environments where human beings show their most positive side. On the contrary, people experience pleasant sensations in harmonious environments where human beings show their most positive side.


The Human Mind has capabilities that go beyond ordinary reasoning. It can allow us to modify the load of an environment and communicate without the need for words. It can influence our actions and also what we attract or repel.For example, when we immerse ourselves in negativity, we enter a vision of reality that only hurts and hurts us. We go into circles in which problems follow one after another almost without rest.


The good news is that we can also immerse ourselves in positivity. When we are in that vibration, just the opposite happens. Everything happens as it should. That gives us feedback and we feel better and better. Surely you have experienced both states, but is it possible to change from negative to positive at will? Definitely yes. There are different ways to do it. Next we will see the most effective systems to achieve this.


The Human Mind and vibratory codes

The researcher and lecturer Greeg Branden mentions in his book «Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs» that the human mind «converts our experiences and emotions into a coded language of waves that communicate with the world beyond our bodies.»Imagination and visualization are a key tool that has been used successfully to influence our surroundings. Not only at the level of restoring health in a diseased organism but also in materializing the situations and desires that we long for ourselves and the people around us.

The Human Mind has the extraordinary ability to elaborate complex thoughts that are emitted to the environment. The different schools of advanced thought, the great gurus and the recognized teachers of all ages have repeated the same idea ad nauseam …:


If we elaborate thoughts with the adequate vision (exact, repeated and well-elaborated mental representation) and sufficient belief (emission power) we can alter the reality we live and replace it with a fuller and more satisfying one (in other words: Replace the information codes that configure our environment to organize it differently).  


We will clarify these concepts in more detail below.….


Creative visualization and its effects

Creating clear mental images has a powerful effect on the lives of those who use visualization as a tool for personal growth. People manage to overcome illnesses, improve their appearance, obtain desired relationships, or achieve personal and financial success.

With creative visualization, you can access things like the following:


– Improve health and even overcome serious illnesses

– Increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments

– Increase vital energy

– Increase personal capabilities at all levels

– Improve sports brands

– Improve physical appearance

– Lose weight

– Increase the chances of having a successful relationship on a sentimental level

– Attract the right partner

– Positively influence others

– Achieve economic and social success

– Achieve goals of all kinds

– And a long etc.


How to use visualization correctly

However, for visualization to produce effects, it is necessary to develop the ability to visualize in a way that complies with several essential rules:


1)      The person has to enter a state of deep relaxation where the mind is calmed, external thoughts are abandoned and the creation of sharp and clear mental images is facilitated.

2)      The person has to have enough creativity and practice to imagine what he wants to happen in as much detail as possible. Include colors, sounds, smells, tastes and images appropriate to the contexts where they are developed.

3)      The objectives must always be clear and well defined

4)      Mental images must be clear, active and as real as possible

5)      The visualization must include the same scenes each time the practice is carried out in order that its vibrational information is always the same

6)      There must be repetition and constancy to modify the current reality and replace it with the desired one. As a general rule at least three times a day.

7)      You have to include emotions as a basic activator in each session. The person must firmly believe that what he expects will happen and generate positive emotions about it every time he meditates and visualizes.


If this is done, the desired result will materialize more quickly, but we are faced with certain obstacles ….


What are the difficulties in putting this into practice?

Not everyone has the time to spend time relaxing and mentally imaging several times a day. Creating detailed images and repeating them accurately requires skill, practice, and consistency. Continuous repetition of the same elaborate thought pattern is very important, but at the same time complex to carry out.

It is essential to transmit similar parameters to manifest exactly what we want. To do it another way would be like wanting to build a house and carry different blueprints every day. The work would never be finished. All of this requires a lot of practice and high degrees of consistency.


Many people find it difficult to include the senses within their visualizations. A large dose of self-control is required to be able to bring out emotions every time we visualize what we want to manifest. Finally, it is laborious to work with multiple objectives since they would require hours of dedication. In the end, the practitioner realizes that using visualization effectively can lead to practical difficulties that prevent its regular use. How can we solve it?



Radionics, the perfect bridge between humans and their goals


According to the book «Vibrational Healing» by researcher Richard Gerber,  «The appropriate radionics devices have the objective of establishing an interface or connection between human consciousness and the specific subtle energies related to anything that exists.»

In other words, the aim of radionic devices would be to amplify the possibilities of the human mind and consciousness by making it easier for people to achieve goals of all kinds, by introducing a powerful aid.

Radionic simplifies visualization processes, making it easier for the operator to obtain results in a much simpler and more powerful way. In other words, it allows access to all visualization objectives and many others without the need for so much effort or dedication. The explanation of how it works is detailed below.



How a radionics device works

A suitable radionics device allows the operator (the person who owns and uses the device) to set the exact vibration and its alpha-numeric representation of any target clearly and precisely. It allows to clearly identify the subject on which it is intended to act (be it the operator himself or another person or group of people) and make an exact connection between the current state and the desired state. You can even modulate the additional energy input needed to drive a certain project.


With a well-designed radionic device we can easily perceive (by means of an adherent plate) when we connect with a certain vibration sought (identity seal of any existing thing). For example, in therapy we can find the parameters of the current vibration of a particular organ, such as the liver, that is functioning poorly. Once this is done we can compare it with the vibratory parameters of a healthy liver and connect the two through the device. That is, the vibration of a healthy organ with that of a diseased organ, with the aim that the state of harmony and health replace the disharmonious one and normality is recovered. This can be done at a specific level (a particular organ) or at a general level (a complete organism). The radionic theory indicates that this also applies to situations that we want to improve, problems that we seek to solve or objectives that we want to achieve .


To illustrate it, it would be like connecting a discharged battery to a battery in perfect condition, so that the faulty one regains its charge and functionality.


The vibratory transfer process is easily performed using dials on the radionics device. Radionic processes related to energy therapy are very surprising for their effectiveness. That is why many alternative therapists incorporate radionics into their consultations and people of all kinds use it to influence objectives of any kind.


We can safely say that using radionics it is possible to cover the same purposes as with visualization, but in a much simpler way and with remarkably superior results. It is also possible work with multiple goals easily (swapping them in the device that is used).


All that exists is energy and information in its ultimate essence


To better understand the whole process, we will say that in radionic theory it is understood that we work with «Intrinsic Data Fields», that is to say, with data that configure the different vibrations that form the basis of matter. If, for example, we extend a hand a hand millions of times, there will come a time when we would only find atoms and particles that bind together in a specific way to differentiate themselves from the atoms and particles that a tree or any other existing thing is made of. A hand will have some information patterns or codes that allow its atoms and particles to make up that hand and not something else like a tree. Following the example, within the intrinsic information related to a hand in a generic way, it is also possible to differentiate the information of a diseased hand from the information that constitutes a healthy hand.


This same analogy would serve to compare undesirable and negative situations, those in which the circumstances are harmonious or develop according to positive interests.


The reality that we contemplate would be like a kind of «Global Matrix» where matter is grouped in precise information codes to give rise to everything we perceive. The thoughts, the situations, the living beings, the circumstances and the relationships between everything that exists are, ultimately, energy and information that configures that energy. Everything in the Universe is interconnected. If we are able to modify that information from the base, we will be able to modify the structures in which we move. In short, modify the reality that we perceive and where we develop. We will see it even more clearly below.


Understand the radionic process

A much more clarifying and current example would have to do with the basic coding with which a computer program is made. If the combination of codes is adequate, we will have a specific program that works correctly. Our computer will perform the planned tasks correctly. If the current base code has incorrect or corrupted code, the program with which we intend to do work will not work well and will need to be restored.


This is precisely what happens when the computer is «infected» by a virus or malicious code. To solve it, the technician removes the virus and, if necessary, replaces the damaged or altered information with adequate and well-structured information (restoring the correct codes). Basically this is done by connecting the computer with the damaged programs to another computer or source of files with the original programs, to transfer the information from one to another. So everything returns to normal or the anomalous situation is redirected. This is exactly what is intended with a radionics device. The objective is to restore the basic vibrational information to normal, so that everything works correctly again (or modify the existing information to achieve a different result).


Radionics. A serious system, discovered by a brilliant physician and developed over several generations by engineers and people of science.


            There is nothing magical, quirky, or miraculous about Radionics. Quite the opposite. Radionics cannot be approached from a childish, mystical or religious point of view. Radionics had its origin in a person of science and those who have developed it have been people related to engineering, medicine or biology. People trained with an open mind who have not been afraid to experiment, nor fear criticism, nor have they been carried away by their own mental blocks.


It was discovered by chance by a brilliant German-American physician, Dr. Albert Abrams in the early 20th century. This doctor, born into a wealthy family, risked his fortune and reputation investigating the connections between matter and the energy vibration that precedes it. He considered that any organism is made up of matter that in turn has its origin in a vibratory framework that can be identified and modified. The vibratory order that precedes matter has certain parameters that when destabilized cause an imbalance in its physical manifestation and therefore disease. Dr. Abrams considered that by restoring the balance and vibratory order of this «framework», it was also possible to influence the harmonization of the tissues and therefore the subsequent physical healing.


Later, other highly trained researchers followed in his footsteps. Little by little, each one of these was adding elements that improved the original devices and circuits of the radionic devices. Among them we can mention: The researcher and inventor George Lakhovsky with his Multiple Wave Oscillator (derived from Radionics devices) that is still in use today.


It is also important to mention Dr. Eric Perkins (defender of radionics for therapeutic uses) who always maintained and defended that the discoveries about radionics were empirically proven hundreds of times among the doctors of his time; Dr. Strong from the University of Berlin; Chiropractic Dr. Ruth Drown; the marriage of researchers De La Warr from the British laboratory of the same name; the directors of Ukako Ltd., a pesticide-free pest treatment company that used radionics to treat land in the mid-1950s in the USA and which was closed due to pressure from both the pesticide and fertilizer industries that saw a decline and threatened your business.


You can’t forget the aerospace engineer Darrel Butcher; the industrialist and researcher Malcom Rae; Dr. David Tansley and a long list of others who are prepared, honored, and interested in using radionics to improve people’s lives. (In relation to agriculture, currently the Doctor in Biophysics and Medicine, Arden Andersen is dedicated in the United States to provide services within this field to individuals and companies, using radionic devices)


Orgone energy and its discoverer


On the other hand, it is important to highlight the figure of the doctor and psychiatrist Dr. Wilhem Reich. This researcher discovered the so-called Orgone energy (about which many others had theorized calling it Odic energy, Chi, Prana or Vital Energy) and showed that this type of subtle energy present in the Universe was fundamental for life and could positively influence various diseases and other positive uses. He also made devices to accumulate and produce it. During the time of Senator McCarthy he was arrested, his laboratory closed and many of his writings destroyed. Despite everything, his collaborators were able to save much of the content of their studies and research. Later we will see how this energy can be produced and combined in a radionic device to enhance its enormous possibilities.


            It is hard to believe that all these and many other well-educated people would risk their careers, prestige, credibility and freedom if it were not for an important reason in which they believed and considered of enormous importance. A form of science with so many possibilities that it has been hidden, vilified and sometimes persecuted by corporations and millionaire industries that did not want to see their income and power compromised.


Experimental possibilities of using a radionic equipment according to the users themselves…  

In addition to those mentioned so far, here is a summary of other objectives in which radionic is used regularly (according to the positive experiences of the users):

  • Increase physical stamina and stamina
  • Improve the ability to play a musical instrument
  • Increase personal charisma and the ability to relate to others
  • Enlist the collaboration of others
  • Enjoy a positive and constant state of mind
  • Improve voice
  • Accelerate healing processes (at the vibrational level)
  • Develop specific skills (work, social, hobbies) much faster
  • Influencing other people to get the best out of themselves
  • Promote the so-called positive vibrations and eliminate any negative influences
  • Personal and home protection
  • Generate ideas and choose the most appropriate ones in relation to business
  • Revitalize and improve business results
  • Select the most appropriate foods and supplements
  • Replicate homeopathic and other remedies (at vibratory level)
  • Measure personal compatibility at different levels
  • Increase the ability to visualize, attract and influence the environment
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Help find objects and people
  • Measure the possibilities of materializing a specific objective at a given moment
  • Choose the most appropriate options for our interest or a certain objective
  • Eliminate and counteract negative energies of any kind (telluric, electromagnetic, personal, from stale environments, etc.)
  • Improve the durability of appliances, vehicles and devices
  • Eliminate odors from a room
  • Select the most suitable nutrients for specific plants, animals or terrains
  • Accelerate dispute and lawsuit resolution
  • Improve your career opportunities and income
  • And many new applications created by users constantly …




The value of our dreams and goals. How to enjoy a high-performance radionics device affordably


    If you consider that you would like to own a radionics device, you are probably wondering what is the cost of quality equipment with which to experiment on your particular needs.

We will mention that many high performance radionics devices as well as similar bioenergetic instruments can range from prices from 6,000 to 15,000 Euros / dollars (we mean devices that work very well and not homemade gadgets with little utility).  

In reality, many people would be willing to pay much more than that for the possibility of realizing their best dreams, in addition to many other lesser goals. If we stop to think, How much is the faculty worth to approach our desires related to physical well-being, general and economic well-being, relationships and personal goals?

However, it is not necessary to spend that fortune to be able to experiment with radionics…



Take control of your life and access a higher level of reality


      Many people believe that we can do nothing to shape our own destiny or that we can do very little. In fact, most believe that everything that happens to us happens by pure chance. However, the reality is quite different.

      Our mind allows us to achieve goals and modify our reality to adapt it to our true desires. The so called «good luck» is a vibrational situation that can be sought and can be incorporated into the day-to-day life of anyone who proposes it. However, blockages and ingrained negative beliefs prevent us from realizing that. The judgment of others and the fact that others consider something possible or impossible restricts our freedom of action. Sometimes we know that something is good and yet we do not act simply because our analytical mind prevents us, or for the simple reason of what others might think about us. That is the difference between those who never do anything and those who lead full and satisfying lives.


Why people attract the negative

     Our mind can also provide us with everything we need. We just have to focus it correctly. Visualization and concentration techniques allow you to do that, but few people have enough willpower to visualize consistently and in the most appropriate way. As a general rule, we almost always represent in our mind the worst, our fears and our worst nightmares. We do it in detail, naturally and continuously. When people are faced with a difficulty, it is very easy to get discouraged and mentally reenact the worst that can happen over and over again. That is why people tend to reap the negative within the possible futures that can occur. It is much more difficult to think that everything will go well and visualize the positive result. This requires creative effort, letting our unconscious mind do the rest.


How to attract the positive. The innovative benefits of radionics


The absolutely innovative advantage of Radionics is that it allows us to focus our mind in a positive way and take advantage of its potential through specially designed devices.

      Radionics devices are designed to connect us with a higher reality where all things are linked. In a radionics device, what we want is represented by dials and words. Intent models the present energy induced by the operator, plus the powerful subtle energy produced by the device. The device connects the current situation with the desired situation, within the vital space that we share with other beings and feeding the action sought with the aforementioned energies.


How radionic works

      According to the radionic theory, the device would act as an auxiliary tool that constantly links us (as visualization does but continuously) with the positive solution of the situations we face. Depending on the radionic device used, we will put into operation our energies and those of the environment or, in addition, subtle and powerful produced energy produced by the same device. This last option is the most interesting due to its many advantages, because it allows anyone to access a world of infinite possibilities. Above all, the real possibility of getting what you want and what suits you.

      Radionics also seems to work in complex situations that require chained solutions. It would be like accessing a universal Matrix where people and things are united and can interact. In this way, realities could be built or redirected according to what is convenient for those who dare to elaborate their destiny instead of waiting for external circumstances to shape their existence.


What you need to know about current radionics equipment and the different options

                There are radionics devices that can be used to duplicate homeopathic remedies, to treat ailments, to increase energy, to achieve goals or for all that at the same time and much more.

                Classical radionics devices consisted of relatively simple circuits, detector plate, and trend and target plates. They worked well, but experience indicated that the operator needed to maintain a good mental and physical state for the results to be optimal. At present, these devices have evolved in such a way that some of them have a vital energy generator, subtle energy or orgone, in such a way that they supply the necessary force to maintain a constant flow of power towards the objective that is pursued by the user. In this way, the user has the assurance that the device generates enough vital energy for said objective to materialize much more safely, independently of their own personal or mental energy. Without draining or affecting his own vitality.


            The ARE X1, ARE X2 and ARE X3 Pro devices are devices that have a powerful generator of vital energy (orgone energy, Chi energy or Pranic energy). Above all, the ARE X3 Pro radionics device that is the top of the range and that can provide you with unusual possibilities (the vital energy generator and emitter included in a device like this should not be confused with a simple orgone accumulator. The latter has a minimal capacity to transfer energy which greatly diminishes its possibilities).




On the other hand, ARE X devices are very simple to use. Anyone can start using them in minutes.


                The quality and special power of the ARE X 3 Pro device makes it one of the best options to use and directly experience the benefits of radionics. Whether you want to check any of the actions mentioned above by users, or if you intend to carry out experiences related to your own objectives.


IMPORTANTE.- There are other radionic devices with an orgone generator (approximate emission of up to 30,000 Bovis of power) of similar price in the market, but ARE X devices (especially ARE X3 Pro) have a 20 times higher emission of subtle energy (also called Chi, Orgón, Prana) (approximate emission of up to 600,000 Bovis of power)

This difference is essential to speed up processes. In addition the quality of components and the increase of functions of the ARE X devices, make them the most advantageous option in their relation quality, power, functions and price.



An extraordinary opportunity to own your own ARE X3 Pro device, with a special promotional discount coupon

If the possibility of having your own radionic device fascinates you, you now have a unique opportunity to obtain it at an irresistible price and with magnificent conditions. This time we are promoting the most powerful device in the ARE range and the most requested by our customers:

The AREX-3 Pro DeviceRadionica AREX3 ProProduct description

It is the radionic «star device» of the series ARE X, taking into account its characteristics in addition to its high power generation and emission of orgón energy

This device has been designed to achieve the maximum efficiency and speed possible in the realization of any experience. There is no better thing in the market according to its price and characteristic.

When it was designed, it was taken into account the desire of many users to have a device of low cost and affordable that allowed reaching high degrees of satisfaction and security in their actions.

Here are its features:

  • Increased emitting power

Es la característica más destacada de este aparato. La energía sutil producida se mide en bovis (medida utilizada por geobiólogos y radiestesístas). En este instrumento se alcanzan y superan las 600.000.- unidades.


  • More dials to maximize interconnection

It’s another distinguishing feature. Given the accumulated experience in developing similar devices, it was concluded that the addition of four dials allows connecting both trend as the target more precisely. In short, it has four dials to set the target or subject and four dials to set the trend. With this it achieved perfectly tune a thing as the other, with an extraordinary level of accuracy and positive results.


  • Double generator output

She powerful dual output via two silver tubes is maintained. The use of noble materials such as silver allows greater fluidity and quality emission of subtle energy. That increases the speed of the results, especially in difficult or complex issues.


  • Preprogrammed frequencies in a single selector

It has a selector to set 9 preset output positions. This makes it easy for the operator to choose the frequency that he considers most appropriate for each type of action.


  • Manual selector to adjust the pulse output to other frequencies

Many operators (users) prefer to choose the output frequency themselves, so they can reach a wider range of experiences. This device also has an additional manual selector to satisfy this possibility of experimentation.


  • Vibrational duplication of homeopathic remedies and other substances

An action that can be performed at high speed (much greater than in the ARE X1, ARE X2 and other devices) thanks to its extraordinary power of emission

  • Food and beverage enhancement with CDI’s chosen by the operator

It’s possible to choose the Intrinsic Data Fields that the operator wants to use (radionic ratios, affirmations, phrases, etc.) and radiate them to food and drinks so that they are «loaded» with the intention (see Dr. E. Moto book on this subject). Observe the interesting results and their positive effects. You can use messages to get changes at all levels. Many operators use it to improve the taste of foods, wines and all types of beverages.


  • Energize foods or beverages with subtle energy or positive frequencies

Food and beverages (the body is 70% water) can be energized using the ARE X3 Pro device. Experiment on yourself, your family and friends with different frequencies, with the so-called «terrestrial frequency», with Alpha waves, etc. Consider using this possibility in any type of vibrational therapy.


  • Load (charge) objects, stones, ornaments or decorative elements with CDI´s

Your device will allow you to transmit the Intrinsic Information Fields that you consider most appropriate to any type of object (better if they are natural objects or noble metals). For example, you can transfer the intention of a phrase or mantra in jewels, rings, quartz, various decoration objects, etc. so that you can send this intention to de person who uses them. Imagine the possibilities for action and the positive consequences of this type of action.


  • Employment with animals and plants

Radionics provides possibilities for experimentation and improvement in any living being. (See information regarding positive work with animals and plants). Many operators use this type of equipment on small and large-scale crops and land


  • Interconnectión

The ARE X3 Pro allows interconnection with other devices via cable. If you have purchased equipment such as ARE X1 or ARE X2 you can connect them in series with the ARE X3 Pro and take advantage of the synergy of several devices together to feed trends towards yourself or other subjects with greater strength. Even if you have other radionic devices that allow the interconnection, your ARE A3 Pro will allow you to reach higher levels of performance with an unusual power.


  • Ideal for alternative therapies

If you are used to working with subtle energies with people who need help, this device allows you to channel enough power to quickly improve the expected results. Many people appreciate improvements in their states in minutes. You can combine with other actions and even improve the remedies you use regularly (see detailed instructions in the user manual).


  • Perfect for complex or especially difficult goals

Many operators have reported that the ARE X3 Pro device is very effective when addressing complex targets that require the confluence of minor or secondary targets. The greater the number of possibilities for interdependence in goals or needs, the more energy will be required. The same happens in situations that have resulted in very negative circumstances. More power is required to straighten these processes. The ARE X3 Pro is perfect to act in all kinds of situations, simple or difficult, providing greater chances of success.


  • Comparison with other issuing equipmen

The ARE X3 Pro device is approximately 30 times more powerful than most equipment on the market. 25 times more powerful than the ARE X1 device, and 12 times more powerful than the ARE X2 device (And others similar equipments with 3 dials).

Maletin Reforzado para su ARE-X

  • Presentation and Protection

The device is served in a compact protective case, a smart appearance one, perfect for transporting the device and avoid any damage on it. It Includes power adapter. 

  • Instructions for use

The equipment is served with perfectly understandable instructions of use, that include everything necessary to begin to work with the equipment from the first moment.


  • Very affordable price

Mejor Calidad-PrecioTaking into account its possibilities and great output power, it is the most recommended device. The investment is slightly higher than that of the ARE X2 device but the great difference is marked by its extraordinary subtle vital energy generator (very important to accelerate all processes and work with more complex objectives), in addition to having four dials connected to «Trend «Plate and four dials connected to «Target» plate. Its qualities make it absolutely amortizable and the advantages and services that will bring you are not even close to its cost.


 You have left:


The incredible advantages of own radionic device

Owning your own radionic device will allow you to experiment with multiple possibilities like those mentioned above by the users. But in addition, almost all people find a specific field of goals to fulfil, whether of a therapeutic nature, personal development, material, spiritual or about relationship with other people.Cambia tu Vida con la Radionica

Imagine for a moment how you could change your life by fulfilling your goals and desires. A radionic apparatus can represent a significant change in any of the goals you currently have in mind. Consider how you and your people would benefit from solving problems that currently concern you. Of course, we are not talking about things outside of physical reality, but to bring about feasible changes that can mean a huge difference in their present conditions. you can not expect developing wings on your back or change the day to have 26 hours. A radionic equipment is not a miracle team that meets 100 x 100 anything we raise. We speak of serious and real goals. Possibilities that we consider feasible but that require the positive confluence of different events.


Anyone can easily use it

Radionics, like creative visualization, has the goal of allowing humans access to higher possibilities of action in the field that anybody can choose. Nothing more and nothing less. Visualization requires practice, development of a mental ability, constancy, dedication and plenty of time (if you want results). However, radionics allows a simple and direct targeting, a minimum preparation and follow-up time and with a much higher possibility of positive resolution. Radionics do not require special training and anyone can use it at any age. On the other hand, in devices like the ARE X3 Pro, the mental energy for any action is reinforced by the high power orgone energy generator built into the device itself. This marks a fundamental difference to achieve the materialization of objectives. Any action requires energy. The ARE X3 Pro provides continuously modulated orgone energy. The constant attention by the operator is no longer essential.

Have you thought about what you would be willing to do to improve your current conditions or solve the problems that concern you? What about your goals and desires? How much would you be willing to give to make the path to them easier, relaxed or more feasible? Is it possible to tilt «luck» or conditions in your favor? The answer may lie in Radionics.



Some comments about the ARE X3 Pro device:

Avatar “I never thought anything like that could exist. It’s fascinating to see how it works ”



“Very good results in sports”


Avatar “It’s great when applying to your business.”


Avatar “Undoubtedly I have improved my relationships.”


Avatar “I started with Radionics to address health issues, but then I realized that the range of possibilities is enormous”


Avatar «I am a sensitive person and I can see and feel the flow of energy generated”


Avatar “The first problems I dealt with, were solved and I thought it was all pure chance, but there comes a time when you have to assume that something happen when you use a radionic device like this one. This is real and you can see how things evolve for the better.”


Avatar “It’s difficult to explain why a little machine can act so positively but, according to my experience, I have no doubt. This is very effective.”


Avatar “I must admit that I tried this equipment because I had a money back guarantee, but I didn’t have to use it. I’m happy with the investment.”


Avatar “For therapy it’s great. People see and feel the results. Perfect for personal affairs.”


Avatar “Much better than other old radionics machines I have.”



To see more comments from users who already have the AREX3-Pro device





We have already mentioned that radionics and bioenergetics equipment are marketed for prices ranging between 6,000 and 15,000 euros. But now you can access the limited circle of people using top-of-the-line radionics devices for a much more affordable price.

As a special promotion to expand the use of quality radionics, from time to time we make available to the public a set number of top-of-the-line devices at a reduced price and for a limited time. Now you can have one of the most complete packs whose total original individual value exceeds 4,100 euros , for a much cheaper total price, and more affordable. An extraordinary and unbeatable offer that we detail below along with the final price of this promotion.

        La oferta promocional completa incluye un auténtico equipo profesional de radiónica ARE X3 Pro y accesorios valiosos de gran interés. Con ellos podrá experimentar con cualquier procedimiento como los descritos en esta página.

Thanks to its quick guide to use, you can enter the exciting world of radionics from the first moment you receive your complete package consisting of:


1) ARE X3 Pro complete device, with detailed instructions for use.

  • This device is the most complete and powerful of the ARE X series (See details above). It has all the elements that have made this device one of the best sellers and recognized for its quality-price-performance ratio. You will be able to experience all the radionic actions and enjoy their results.
  • It includes a perfect, neat and compact carrying case for your protection.
  • Total Guarantee (including refund of the amount paid) (see details below).
  • Original price without discount: 3.045 Euros

2) Amiens radionic scalar antenna

  • Specially developed to enhance the work carried out with any ARE X device or also to convert any mobile, tablet or computer into an accessory radionic emitter.
  • It allows the emission of ratios, phrases or statements in a simple and powerful way to influence the energy field of the subject. Also to work at a subliminal level.
  • Especially suitable for working with the operator himself (the person who uses the equipment)
  • Includes instructions for use
  • Original price without discount: 105,95 Euros

3) Radionic ratios for therapeutic use

  • Radionic ratios are alphanumeric encodings related to optimal vibratory states. They make it easy to use any device for specific purposes. In this case about energy health.
  • Valued at 495 Euros in on site radionics courses
  • With instructions for use

4) Radionic ratios for personal improvement

  • In this case, they are ratios selected for various actions related to various interests: interpersonal relationships, couples, personal economy, business, etc, etc.
  • Valued at 395 Euros in on site radionics courses
  • With instructions for use

5) Chartrés radionic scalar antenna

  • Specially developed to enhance the work carried out with any ARE X device or also to convert any mobile, tablet or computer into an accessory radionic emitter
  • It allows the emission of ratios, phrases or statements in a simple and powerful way to influence the energy field of the subject. Also to work at a subliminal level.
  • It differs from the Amiens Antenna in that it is especially suitable for working with a person (or persons) other than the operator himself
  • Includes instructions for use
  • Original price without discount: 105,95 Euros

  You have left

 (The complete pack of this offer can be sent directly to any country in the world through a transport agency)



Computer software for radionic ARE X devices  (X2 and X3 Pro)

                Basic program for the use of ARE X radionic devices. Easy to use, it increases and simplifies the possibilities of using your radionic device. It facilitates experimentation and provides a tool that will allow you to expand the range of actions.

                It is the perfect tool for alternative therapists and people who want to get even more out of their ARE X device. It avoids the need to use writings for the definition of objectives or realization of possible experimental energetic-vibratory studies of different subjects. It can also be used for personal development actions or queuing work for personal goals of one’s own or those of others.

                It is important to note that with this program you can address not only the exploration and measurement but also the balancing (2) of each aspect separately, depending on the alteration detected in a group.

                Each group of ratios includes subgroup (which can be displayed in a menu) to specifically explore where the imbalance is in a particular way. That is, the group is measured to see if there is alteration and then the specific alteration can be investigated within what the group understands.

                 It includes:  

  • Database of the most commonly used rates in energetic therapy (1)
  • The ratios are segmented by groups (to facilitate measurement and emission actions). This facilitates the work of exploration, measurement and balancing (2) in relation to any subject and on aspects such as:

    • Overall positive level
    • Psychological state
    • Mobile
    • Nutrition-Metabolism
    • Neurological
    • Endocrine
    • Hematological
    • Immune system
    • Ophthalmological
    • Otolaryngologist
    • Oral-Dental
    • Pulmonary
    • Cardiovascular
    • Gastrointestinal
    • Hepatic-Biliary
    • Renal-Urological
    • Reproductive
    • Muscular-Skeletal
    • Dermatological
    • Environmental charge
    • Viral energy charge (3)
    • Bacterial energy charge
    • Toxic energy charge
    • Environmental energy charge
    • Others

  • Includes a list of affirmations specially designed for states of mind
  • Allows the inclusion and issuance of particular objectives
  • It allows the own elaboration and issuance of affirmations, mantras, decrees, wishes to make or phrases for its radionic emission
  • Allows the use and emission of colors, drawings, music or videos
  • Allows the inclusion of other radionic ratios
  • It is supplied with User Manual-Quick guide easy to understand
  • It is not necessary to know how to program.
  • Designed to be used in a few minutes by people of any age without specific knowledge.
  • Spanish or English language


(Important note.- It is necessary that the computer where the program is installed uses Windows 10. The program is designed to be used with an ARE X device, seeking the highest user satisfaction. Radionic programs without the use of specific physical equipment of quality offer zero or low results. To unzip the file, WinZip or WinRaris necessary.)


(1) Alphanumeric representations of states or concepts (at the vibratory level) both positive and negative to proceed with balanced energy.
(2) Exploration and balancing at the energy level, not medical or physical. Conventional analyzes can only be carried out by legally qualified professionals. Remember that legally, any possible illness must be diagnosed and treated by a doctor or medical professional according to the laws of the country of your residence.
(3) Basic program for the use of ARE X radionic devices. Easy to use, it increases and simplifies the possibilities of using your radionic device. It facilitates experimentation and provides a tool that will allow you to expand the range of actions. Ideal for alternative therapists and people who want to get even more out of their ARE X device. It avoids the need to use writings for the definition of objectives or realization of possible experimental energetic-vibratory studies of different subjects. It can also be used for personal development actions or programming work for personal goals or those of othersThe concept of «load» implies possible energy derangement of negative bias in relation to what is indicated.




See the different forms of payment: PayPal, bank transfer, VISA card. In any case, if you pay by credit card from any country, you can agree with your bank the deferred payment of the amount for the purchase.



Only left:




What are scalar radionic antennas?

        These are devices that can be used together with the ARE X3 Pro device or separately to enhance and improve results. By using them separately you can convert your cell, tablet or computer into an additional radio transmitter. They can be used for objectives similar to or different from those pursued with their main ARE X3 Pro equipment. They are used to influence a person’s vibratory field in order to facilitate positive changes. Through these antennas you can send affirmations, radionic ratios, specific phrases, music for therapy, subliminal messages, etc. (They can also be used for experiments similar to those performed by the famous Dr. Emoto)

         The Chartres Radionic Scalar Antenna is mainly used for matters related to the operator itself.

         The Amiens Radionic Scalar Antenna is primarily used for matters related to people other than the operator itself.

        Both antennas are supplied with detailed and at the same time simple instructions for use, so you can get the most out of them and start using them from the first moment. They are a perfect complement to your radionic device and will be very useful in the various objectives with which you can work.



  Once the order is firm, when will it be shipped?

        Once payment of the complete pack is received, the order will leave our warehouses between 24 and 48 hours later. International shipments take between 7 and 10 days to arrive.


  I have no experience in radionics. It’s an equipment like this easy to use?

    Of course. The complete radionics pack and each of its components are delivered with complete and precise instructions, simple to understand and detailed. No previous experience is necessary or special knowledge. The success of radionic equipment lies in its simplicity compared to other methods.


    Is the guarantee they give money back real?

    Absolutely. You will have 30 days from the receipt of your order to check the effectiveness of the equipment and its worth. In the unlikely event that you did not want it, you just have to return it and we will refund the amount paid in full. (Shipping costs or any other extras are non-refundable).


  Are the instructions for use in Spanish? English?

     The deviced can be shipped with Spanish, English or Portuguese instructions. Please detail it when ordering.


     How long can I take to see the result of a radionic job?

      It will depend on the personal objective and individual circumstances. In matters of therapy the results can be very fast (even minutes). In general terms, time measurements cannot be established, although the device itself will show you the progress.


    Can I use the device with different objectives at the same time?

    Absolutely. Most operators have their devices running day and night, exchanging various objectives to work from time to time. On the other hand, having two additional antennas will allow you to work minor matters with them separately.


        Is it difficult to use the adhesive plate of the radionic equipment?

    Quite the opposite. One of the advantages of Radionics is that the use of basic elements such as the adherent plate (through which the different signals are perceived for use) is very simple. Following the instructions, 95% of people can use it immediately and the rest will not require more than two or three practice sessions.


If you need any additional clarification you can contact our offices by email or phone during business hours.


      We reach the end. It is up to you to decide. It’s not about believing or not believing. It’s about experimenting and checking. We do not want you to have doubts. That is why we want to offer you the possibility of a risk-free test.

      You will enjoy a 30-day warranty to check the effectiveness of this type of device. In the unlikely event that your use did not satisfy you or did not obtain the expected results, you can return the ARE X 3 Pro device and fully recover the amount paid for it without explaining.

     You may need to solve problems or situations that now consume your mind, your energy and your time. Think about it. How much would you give to find solutions to your urgent problems? Why not try a simple system that allows you to access the capabilities you need now? Don’t you think it would be valuable to have a tool that would help you today and in the future too? Of course, you can miss this opportunity, but you will also continue to endure problems that you could overcome much more easily.


     On the other hand, remember: Do not risk anything. You will have a period of 30 days to check the effectiveness of the devices you purchase. If you are not satisfied, simply return them and recover the amount paid without explanation.


You can use your credit card or Pay Pal to make your purchase. Finally, keep in mind the significant discount applied to this offer. It will be available only for the next days and for subscribers. Then the offer will disappear and you will no longer be able to purchase your AREX-3 Pro with the extended pack at a special price. Only at the usual price indicated on our website.





Save and start enjoying the enormous possibilities of this device by quickly receiving it by messaging. You will be glad of your good decision.

Note.- We clarify that radionics, like visualization, cannot guarantee 100 x 100 the materialization of any unrealizable goal, for the simple reason that we are subject to physical laws that prevent us from having wings or studying an engineering career in a week . However, radionics does offer to find the right vibration to accelerate the processes of materialization of what we want within the real possibilities. Tuning into those frequencies provides extraordinary possibilities according to the postulates of radionic theory. The best way to verify it in practice is through personal experimentation (All our advanced radionic equipment is shipped with a 30-day full money-back guarantee in the unlikely event that the buyer did not obtain the desired results)

(*) Radionics does not replace doctors. Radionics only considers the vibratory or energetic level, a dimension not recognized by official science. If you think you are sick, you should see your doctor or recognized healthcare staff immediately, who are legally qualified to treat illnesses and physical problems.

(+) Provided that a point of “no return” has not been reached.

(#) The suggested uses do not imply claims by the marketer. Results cannot be guaranteed since each user and circumstances are different. Any suggestions within the text should be understood as possibilities to experiment. A comprehensive money-back guarantee is provided in case the device does not meet your expectations.