Do you know what the surroundings of a large waterfall, a Japanese-style garden, or a manicured field full of flowers have in common? Simple: They are all places where most people experience well-being, more energy, and better spirits. All are environments where the so-called «good vibes» are perceived. People recharge, get inspired or recover physically and mentally in these places. Each space elicits different specific states, but all involve experiencing higher potential and enhanced ability. Stick with that idea because now you are going to discover something very important about this.

Where else can you find positive vibes?

      In its different variants, positive energies can also be perceived in places where people engage in creative activities, body and spirit are cultivated, or people have fun learning. It seems as if the higher vibration generated at different times permeates the floor, walls and objects. It is a feeling that is not related only to cleaning or decoration. It goes further. It implies deep well-being and a very pleasant revitalization. It is very likely that you have experienced it on some occasion and would like to do it more often. In any case, it has important benefits that we will consider below.

Places where there are usually negative vibrations

    Contrary to the above, it is certain that you may have seen the difference that is perceived when visiting a home where suffering reigns, a workplace where people feel frustrated or a suburb degraded by violence and drugs. The sensations that are appreciated are usually unpleasant and completely opposite. We speak now of negative vibrations. People who live or stay in these places, with their unbalanced environment, suffer more physical and mental ailments, feel more frustrated and enjoy their existence less. They tend to suffer from bigger problems and fall away from their true potential as human beings. Is there a way to access good vibes even in areas where they are scarce?

People and groups emit different types of energy

    Not only places and environments are sources of perceptible vibrations. Individual people generate different different energy. There are subjects that produce tranquility, others emit sympathy, others radiate aggressiveness. People’s thinking influences their body and their body on their thinking, forming a loop that generates a specific vibration. It is also possible that a person may be perceived by others sometimes as friendly and other times as hostile.Affectionate or distant. Happy or sad. Depending on different circumstances that influence this person and the energies with which she is influenced.

On the other hand, there are subjects that radiate good vibrations in a natural and almost permanent way, which is why they are very pleasant for others. Everyone wants to enjoy their company or have them as friends. People perceive your lovely energy and want to feed off of it for as long as possible. Would you like to be one of these people? Consistently, anyone can learn to generate positive vibes by controlling thoughts and emotions, directly or indirectly. Most of the schools of personal development, coaching, meditation, visualization, natural nutrition, hypnosis, alternative therapies and other related ones, know the importance of developing and projecting this type of positive vibrations, although training and persistence are required. But do not worry. Now you are going to know a way to experience positive vibes in a simple and unlimited way. When this happens for a long time and constantly, the person who receives these vibrations begins to emit them to others as well. In this way appreciation, sympathy, help and collaboration are received.

First of all, let yourself know some important details: Beneficial vibrations can be general (general well-being) or specific (referring to specific aspects related to objectives such as relationships, the economy, protection, etc.). In any case, they carry great advantages, both for the people who produce them and for those who receive them in their environment. They allow you to enjoy better health, mental balance, a feeling of happiness, the possibility of developing high capacities, achieving goals, influencing other people, increasing charisma and even attracting more positive energy through the phenomenon of resonance.

The different types of beneficial vibrations and their effects

   Desirable vibrations are not only related to physical well-being and health. We can also identify concrete positive vibes. For example, related to business activities, conducting honest business, or generating income. There are people specially gifted for these matters who transmit a special energy. Many know it. In fact, there are those who are willing to pay huge amounts of money (ten or even twenty thousand dollars) to sit next to the table of big investors like Warren Buffett during a simple dinner (dinners organized to raise funds for charitable purposes). Those who pay these amounts seek the contact, the closeness and the special vibration of a very famous successful investor.

They hope to be “impregnated” with the energy of their idol and to be able to develop the skills that this person demonstrates. Connect and be inspired with the vibration that allows you to reap the same kind of success. 

    The same goes for sports idols, the artists or any other human activity. Assimilating the vibrations related to a goal, activity, positive trend or special ability can mean a major change in anyone eager to progress. Both at a general level and in a specific field of interest.

What exactly are those positive vibes and how can you take advantage of them?

   We start from the basis that everything is vibration in its last essence. More or less concentrated energy that makes up matter and its different manifestations. Quantum physics professor Amit Goswami (author of several books on the subject) affirms that any matter, even organic matter molecules, is made up of energy in the form of vibration. It literally mentions that “there is no physical substance inside atoms; the subunits that compose them are formed by extremely powerful energy vortices, the equivalent of tiny tornadoes and not by tangible material «.

      When an organism is healthy, we understand that the energy that sustains it is adequate and balanced. It is perceived as something harmonious. Everything seems to be programmed correctly and works perfectly smoothly. There is nothing magical about this. It’s a simple matter of applied physics. We perceive positive changes in our internal state when we are in the presence of certain people who possess and generate good vibrations. It is a fact that anyone can experience. It is very interesting to know that the higher and positive harmonic vibration, emitted in the same quantity and at the same time as a dysfunctional one, prevails over the negative one. A downcast person will generally feel better when interacting with someone in good spirits.


Radionics and bioenergetic devices allow the identification and use of vibrations of interest in different areas

      Radionics is a system of personal improvement and alternative therapy directly related to bioenergetics. Using specially designed devices, it allows us to identify specific energy patterns. For example, vibrations related to enhanced states in relation to a specific activity. That is, it can identify the type of vibration that occurs in the best moments or in the best performances of that activity. Also in relation to states of high mental and emotional performance or the specific vibrations of organs, systems and organisms that function optimally. These parameters are represented by codes and coordinates called in Radionics, Intrinsic Data Fields.


What can be done with these positive vibration parameters?

      The interesting and surprising thing about these codes and coordinates is that they can be reproduced and emitted in a specific way with the aim of positively influencing the energy field of a person (or groups of people). A connection is thus established between an unbalanced and negative present situation, which produces discomfort or illness, with the vibrations related to optimal states of well-being and good organic functioning. Little by little it is achieved that the optimal vibrations are those that take control and affect their physical counterpart, correcting disorders and problems. This occurs both at the therapeutic level and in what has to do with other issues: Economy, personal relationships, inappropriate influences, unhealthy tendencies and a long etc. Modifying vibration modifies trends, situations and results.


A modern discovery

      Radionics and its energetic encodings (ratios or intrinsic data fields) were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by Doctor Albert Abrams, and were later developed by numerous researchers and engineers. Through various devices, the different optimal vibrations related to different fields are recorded and encoded (alternative therapy, personal development, improvement of abilities and skills, etc.) Afterwards, the resulting encodings can be broadcast on a person or group and also on a certain area, space, home or workplace. If they are broadcast on spaces, the people who are inside those improved spaces also benefit. The effects can be very powerful, with important advantages that we will discuss below.



An interesting experience

      Years ago a test was carried out on how the different vibrations of an environment affect a person. A group of foreign German students were brought to Germany so that they could make direct contact with the country and could practice the language for a couple of weeks. The young participants had a low level of this language and could communicate with difficulty in the new language. When they arrived in Germany, several of the students agreed to take a test under hypnosis, during which they would try to improve their ability to communicate. Surprisingly, the hypnotized were able to speak fluent German from the beginning of their stay. When they came out of hypnosis, their ability to communicate regressed to a slightly higher level than they were bringing up.

      When they returned to the country of origin and also under hypnosis, the same students could not speak the German language with the same fluency as when they were in Germany. It was concluded that the environment (energy frequency or vibration related to language) had some influence on the students, facilitating their learning (under certain circumstances, hypnosis allows to know very quickly the susceptibility of people to the surrounding energies).


The important principle of energy resonance

      Radionic theory, in line with postulates of quantum physics and bioenergetics, is based on the idea of resonance. This principle establishes that each thing, living being or situation present in the universe, only resonates with that which vibrates at the same frequency. As a consequence, we attract what we vibrate with and we repel what is not in the same state of resonance.


  The famous example of the piano is a revealing example. In a room where there are several acoustic pianos, when pressing a certain key of one of them, the strings of all the pianos corresponding to the note of that key will also vibrate accordingly. Each note has a characteristic vibration. Likewise, each objective, each circumstance, each solution and each trend has a different vibration or set of vibrations.


How to get the vibration that serves as access to what we want?


      There are several ways, but the simplest and most comfortable is to surround ourselves with the same type of resonance of access to vibration or vibrations that characterize what we are looking for. In this way, we easily assimilate everything that benefits or enriches us in relation to the objectives. People tend to assimilate the surrounding energies. If we are surrounded by people who appreciate music, we will tend to appreciate music. If we surround ourselves with people who love sport, we will tend to develop a desire to practice it. If we live with good people, we will be inclined to develop the most positive aspects of ourselves. The same happens in relation to other activities, ways of acting or ways of thinking. According to the resonance theory, on the one hand, we are naturally drawn to things related to what we want. On the other, what we desire becomes much closer and feasible for us by the principle of reciprocity.


What does all this mean?


    Imagine that you want to improve a certain deficiency, protect yourself from harmful energies, increase your well-being or achieve a certain goal. If you surround yourself with the right vibrations, related to what you are pursuing, it will undoubtedly be easier to stay in tune with the goal that leads to. It will be easier for you to find the way or, even, it will allow what you want to find you. Instead of repelling, it will attract. With regard to personal well-being, from the point of view of radionics, bioenergetics and also the law of resonance, when we tune in to the vibrations of health, we stimulate the same effect to occur in our body.






The ARE X Habitat device is a new device specially conceived and designed to generate positive vibrations permanently and over a complete space. The most innovative thing is that connected to any socket in a home, office, workplace or space it takes advantage of the electrical installation of the environment to emit balancing radionic encodings. It has a range of greater than 300 meters from the connection point and within the site’s own installation. This means that the entire internal network becomes an emitter of resonant vibrations in relation to the objectives sought, constantly benefiting any inhabitant of that home or room.


Through a powerful signal generated by the “ARE X Habitat” devices, we gradually improve our internal vibratory configuration (unbalanced or dysfunctional). In this way we energetically adapt to optimal models in relation to what we want to make a reality.



  • ARE X Habitat device. High capacity positive vibration generator

    • Enjoy the benefits of balancing resonances in any environment where you live or perform activities


  • Optimal scalar wave emission to vitalize environments and connect with their best possibilities

    • According to the theory of bioenergetics and radionics, the emission of scalar waves with optimal encodings increases well-being, improves capabilities and connects us with the realities and results we seek.


  • Continuously emits resonant signals and frequencies that energize spaces

    • Vibrationally enhanced spaces are perceived as more pleasant for all types of activities


  • All through the internal electrical network of any building

    • It uses the internal wiring as an amplifier antenna for the signals emitted, increasing its effectiveness.


  • Range greater than 300 meters from the connection point

    • Even if the home has different floors, the signal will be effectively expanded by taking advantage of the home’s own electrical installation.


  • Simple to use

    • Just plug it into any socket and press the power button. From that moment on, it will start working


  • Speed of action

    • The device starts working immediately, without the need for further adjustments


  • Designed with the goal of invigorating, protecting, balancing and empowering

    • Tested and proven to function optimally day and night


  • Produces resonant non-audible frequencies, radionic in structure

    • The emitted signals are not audible. It is a discreet device that you can place in any area (even not visible)


  • They positively affect everyone within the application environment

    • Anyone who is inside the enclosure, home or space will benefit. Even animals and plants do better in an optimized space.


  • Access now to a world of continuous improvement

    • Immediate benefits at low cost


  • Different options according to your needs and objectives (you can use different models at the same time)

    • See the different configurations of this device. You can use different models in the same home or room at the same time

  • Ideal for the home, consultations, businesses, therapy centers, etc

    • Imagine the possibilities for improvement in different environments. Choose the most suitable model or models for each place


  • Minimum electricity consumption

    • Minimal consumption even permanently connected


  • Effective barrier against electromagnetic disturbances including those from the earth’s subsoil (geopathic and telluric)

    • Ideal for people sensitive to electromagnetic fields and disturbances


  • Shield against other negative energy fields of harmful origin or nature

    • Includes neutralizing signals to act on any type of vibration considered negative

  • Effective results tested by kinesiology and various bioenergetic devices

    • Anyone can check the improvements using different checking systems. From simple muscle tests, kinesiological verification procedures, bioenergetic devices or even with classic dowsing instruments

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

    • Maximum satisfaction or refund of the amount paid


The applications of this new device

      Imagine the practical applications of one of these devices. By placing an ARE X Habitat device in your home, you and your family can continually receive beneficial vibrations. Day and night. No need to do anything else. Without even having to think about it.



      The ARE X Habitat device is manufactured in various models. You can choose the one or those that produce the vibrations related to the aspects you want to see improved. Do you want to increase your well-being on a physical or mental level? Experience increased vigor and energy? Improve relationships between people in the house or in a certain space? Impregnate your surroundings with vibes related to the economic aspect? Feeling protection against harmful influences? The possibilities can be very varied and interesting.

  • Recommended for spaces that need to be rented or sold (people always prefer places that they perceive as attractive or pleasant)

  • Ideal for places where negotiations take place (the chances of reaching agreements are higher in harmonious environments)

  • Perfect for environments of people who are in the process of recovering from ailments (various studies show that the body recovers better in a suitable environment with an optimized environment)

  • Continuous balancing for anyone within the range of the device

  • Emission of waves and radionic configurations related to the proper functioning of all the main organs and systems of the human body

  • Ideal for anyone interested in maintaining an optimal state of physical and mental well-being

  • Greater observable and measurable vitality

  • Perfect for the elderly, those in poor health or those who need support

  • Very good results for places where people are studying (mind-body integration improves the absorption of knowledge)

  • Improved mood as a result of energizing energy

  • An original gift. Ideal for lovers of sports, yoga, inner harmony, etc

  • Remember: Complete satisfaction or refund of the amount paid



Results according to kirlian photo

      After fifteen minutes of using the ARE X Habitat device, different photos of the energy field of different people were taken. The results show a harmonization that is related to a more uniform flow of energy emanating from the body. Subjects reported feeling more relaxed, in better spirits and revitalized. (photos pixelated to preserve anonymity of the people who volunteered to take the tests).





For all kinds of spaces

      The ARE X Habitat devices are ideal, not only for the home, but also for various therapy consultations, places of business, work spaces or establishments that the public goes to. They work very well for places where knowledge is imparted, meditation centers and shops of all kinds. It will instantly create harmonic spaces generated by the device itself through the internal electrical network of the place where it is connected.


Different types of vibratory encodings of ARE X Habitat devices. Choose the ones that suit your needs

      The ARE X Habitat device is manufactured with different resonant frequencies. Depending on your preferences, desires and needs, you can choose the one or those that best suit what you are looking for. (Remember that you can place more than one device on the same network so that they emit different signals at the same time without interruption):



Its positive resonant frequencies have the objective of balancing and improving at an energy level all the main organs and systems of the human body (heart, lungs, colon, kidneys, stomach, brain, etc.). Also to increase general vitality and mood. It works by balancing the chakras, energy channels, lymphatic energy system, reserve energy and many others. Acts on the different subtle bodies. The ultimate purpose is to improve the feeling of well-being at all levels by providing active relaxation that facilitates vital functions and at the same time energizes the entire organism. The different harmonization signals are emitted continuously in loop mode, so that the energy model of functional perfection is the prevailing one in the entire environment.

It is specially designed to emit resonant frequencies related to radionic encodings that have to do with personal and social relationships. People who like others and relate easily emit a special vibration. This device enhances the emission of the type of frequencies equivalent to the energetic configuration that characterizes charismatic people. It is also designed to facilitate communication and coexistence between people who share the home or the space chosen for its operation. It is ideal for those who want to find a suitable partner according to their particular characteristics. Highly recommended also for those who wish to maximize their communication skills (sales representatives, sales agents, executives, etc.)

It works as an effective shield against negative energies. Maintains the correct vibratory balance, eliminating energy blockages of any kind. If you think that your life and that of those around you is not flowing in the right way, you probably need to eliminate external or internal influences of a negative nature. Emits radionic encodings at resonant frequencies aimed at eliminating any potentially harmful energy, including those of telluric origin. From the moment you connect this device, the entire electrical network will function as an effective protective screen for anyone within the performance environment.


Undoubtedly there are people who are especially gifted for business, for the generation of wealth or for circumstances to smile on the material plane. From the point of view of theoretical radionics, it is a vibration that goes beyond acquiring knowledge or strategies. In general, these subjects seem to have a special “luck” that accompanies them in what they do. Even when everything collapses, when external circumstances are dire or there are general problems, they manage to overcome and regain their prosperity. This apparatus includes the resonant frequencies that seem to surround these people. From generating material abundance and attracting economic well-being, to the so-called “good luck” vibrations and a long etcetera related to personal development at this level. It includes the ratios and vibrational encodings that are linked to the generation of business ideas, the attraction of wealth and the attitudes that lead to the achievement of material objectives. Recommended if you think you want or need to improve in this aspect of your reality.


Electromagnetic pollution problems are on the rise around the world. The arrival of 5G technology will multiply the emission and therefore the pollution related to the invisible waves of various spectra, to levels never seen before. Although it is denied from different instances, there is evidence that people can be affected by radiation. An example of this is semicircular lipoatrophy (atrophy of the subcutaneous adipose tissue) that produces deformities in the skin and is caused by electrostatic charges and other interferences generated by electromagnetic surges, according to numerous studies. In addition, in sensitive people, symptoms such as frequent headaches, dizziness, hypertension, palpitations, arrhythmias, hormonal alterations, fatigue, eye ailments and joint dysfunctions are described. Many employees of highly technical buildings or residents of highly congested areas suffer from these types of problems. In experienced alternative therapy consultations, practitioners often treat imbalances related to electromagnetic pollution as a starting point for wellness. The ARE X Habitat device generates resonant frequencies that affect the energetic substrates of human beings with the aim of constantly rebalancing and modulating at this level. In addition to the home, it is recommended for therapy practices and modern office environments.


Users of the new ARE X Habitat device use it for the following purposes (depending on each model):

    • Dynamize and improve the spaces where they live, work or interact with other people
    • Continuously vitalize and energetically regenerate the body and all its systems
    • Facilitate rest and rebalancing at all levels
    • Eliminate negative vibrations from different sources (telluric, energetic, etc.)
    • Establish a protective shield that increases resistance to external negative factors.
    • Resonate with goals of personal, economic, family or social improvement so that they can be materialized more easily
    • Accelerate goals achievement processes in different fields of interest
    • Increase the positive vibrations of the environment
    • And a long etc.



Some comments:

 Avatar  “A friend recommended that I put a Habitat device in my house. I will always appreciate his suggestion. It has been one of the best things I have done to improve the environment in my home” (Sarah Madison)



“I thought I should try it. I put it on my floor first. Then I thought it would be a matter of creating the same kind of atmosphere in my store. I have noticed that people spend more time there, make more purchases and also come back more often” (M. Losada)


Avatar  “I put an ARE X Habitat in the office and patients feel much better while waiting their turn. They tell me that they begin to notice the effects of my work without even having started”. (Sarah Mayer)


Avatar “I use kinesiology muscle testing to see if a certain remedy or treatment improves a person’s condition. I can verify, with just 10 minutes of exposure to this device, that people show greater vitality and improvement in all their systems. Is very striking”. (José L. Rodero)


Avatar “After testing it, I have no doubt that this device influences people a lot and does it for the better. Measurements made with my bioresonance equipment indicate a noticeable difference between before and after. In my particular case, I am still very good even outside my office, where I have it installed» (Ray Cleary)


Avatar  “We use it at home and, given the good results, we decided to take another one to my parents’ house. At first they did not give it importance and told me that they did not believe in those things. A few days later they commented that they had not felt so good in spirits, happy and revitalized for a long time.” (Antonio M. Lozano)


Avatar “I put three different Habitat devices connected to the network, in an inconspicuous area of the house. Honestly, I don’t like giving explanations of what I do to those who come to visit. We have noticed changes for the better in several economic matters after a very bad streak. My wife is very happy, with more energy. And not only that, even friends have told us that they are very comfortable when they come.» (Ignacio Salcedo)


Avatar “I have much better spirits, I sleep better and I feel revitalized” (Gerardo Martín)


Avatar “The atmosphere has improved. The discussions have practically disappeared. My youngest son seems to have improved. I still have a hard time believing it” (Anne Davidson)


Avatar “I have put the prosperity and the well-being in my store, in a free socket, that is not seen, under a shelf. It may be a coincidence, but people spend more time looking at things, buying and being more friendly. I see my two employees more active and in a good mood. The atmosphere is quite pleasant. I have gotten into two very promising projects for the business». (Manuel Serrano)


Avatar “Before using the device, I had the feeling of being under a type of energy that negatively affected me. I cannot assure the origin, although I suspect it. I wanted to experiment to see if it could serve as protection. I notice the change quite a bit and I even sleep better. Now I can relax. As I do not like to explain and not lie, when someone asks me I tell them that it is something that serves to improve the electric current, which is still true”. (Rosa Castillo)


Avatar “I have them connected in my office at work. I use three different ones: Wellness, Relationships and Prosperity. They are constantly connected. I know that in the entire department the changes are being noticed (the electrical network covers about 200 square meters of plant). We have exceeded the expected benefits this difficult year and the losses have diminished. I think it is not something casual. I can concentrate more easily without having to be hooked on the coffee maker. The atmosphere is now much more positive and pleasant. People collaborate more when it comes to teamwork”. (A. Prieto)


Avatar “I felt a feeling of discomfort in my home. I don’t believe in the supernatural world, but something strange was happening, as if it were a negative influence. Maybe it was my imagination, some kind of electromagnetic pollution or something else that I can’t define. Since I got the ARE X Habitat “Protection” device, everything has changed. I also ordered the one for «Well-being» and I have both plugged in. I feel much better in every way”. (María J. Carrasco)


Avatar “A great invention. I am recommending it among my friends”. (Jay Mackenna)


Avatar “Great device. I have been somewhat in poor health for years with chronic ailments. I feel much better in spirits and I am also recovering some functionalities. This is enough for me, although I hope to continue improving”.  (Alejandro Ortíz)


Avatar “My partner didn’t believe in these things. Without telling him anything, I installed it in a corner of the less-used room. A few days later, he told me that «He’s been feeling very spirited lately.» I am also very happy”. (Lorena Lorenzo)


Frequent questions:

What is the use of ARE X Habitat devices and how exactly are they used?

This type of device has a predetermined function according to its name. There are several models for you to choose according to your needs. You can order one or more. They simply connect to the electrical network of any home or premises. By pressing the power button, they begin to emit harmonizing and / or enhancing radionic scalar encodings in relation to the objective sought with each device.

Is your electricity consumption very expensive?

The cost is practically zero or completely negligible. Actual calculations indicate that permanently maintaining the Habitat device generating beneficial fields through the network of the place where it is placed has an average cost of €0.85 in 30 days. To give you an idea, its energy consumption is less than that of a simple phone charger.

Does it have to be continuously connected?

You can choose if you want them to work only during a few hours of the day or to be continuously acting positively on the environment and the people who are within the action radius of the circuit of the room, entire apartment or house (everything that is within the same interior circuit, up to approximately 300 meters). Most users have it running all the time. 24 hours 7 days a week. Its consumption is very low. In any case, you can disconnect the device if you consider it appropriate by pressing the on / off button or disconnecting the device from the electrical current. At that time it will stop broadcasting.

What is its scope?

                In theory, it can act on the entire route of the electrical network (internal wiring) of the room in which it is connected, that is, the entire apartment or house with its different rooms. However, it has been configured so that it can reach with definition between 200 and 300 meters of cabling. For greater distances, it is suggested to use an additional device that will be placed equidistant from the first.

Do I have to put a battery or do they need some maintenance?

                Not at all. The ARE X Habitat feeds its emitter circuit using electricity from the network where it is connected. No further maintenance is required.

Do you have any kind of contraindication in relation to the electrical installation?

                The device is tested not to cause any interference to any other device.

Does it make a sound? How will I know if it is working?

                The device has an oscillating circuit that acts almost imperceptibly. Some very young people or people with very fine hearing say they perceive a lower loudness than that of some electronic wall clocks and only when the environment is absolutely silent. In practice it does not produce any type of noise disturbance. Once connected to the network, you have to press a button that incorporates a dim flashing light. It will be working as long as the light blinks smoothly.

Do you have any kind of contraindication with any medical treatment?

                The ARE X Habitat devices do not act at a physical level. There are no contraindications in relation to any conventional or alternative treatment. The type of harmonic signal that they emit only positively affects subtle energy fields with the aim of enhancing, harmonizing or facilitating the desired objective..

Do you have any other functionality?

                By harmonizing the energy field and the different substrates, it facilitates the processes related to the regulation of circadian rhythms (rhythms of wakefulness, behavior and sleep), restful sleep and recovery after prolonged stress episodes (especially the device «Well-being»). There are multiple advantages and functionalities of this device in its different versions (see the description of all of them above).

From what moment do you notice the effect or the results?

                Depending on the model of ARE X Habitat device you use and your own starting state, you will be able to distinguish results less or more quickly. For example, the «Well-being» device is usually noticeable from just a few hours of use by those who are more sensitive or have a greater imbalance. With the «Prosperity» and «Relationships» models, rapid or gradual improvement is usually appreciated depending on each person and particular circumstances. Each one will start their progress from different starting points. If you have been acting in the wrong way for years or receiving negative influences in relation to your objectives, there must be structural modifications that imply greater vibrational accumulation. After this stage, the person can experience changes quickly. The sooner you start, the sooner you get results.

Can they be found in shops in any country?

                The ARE X Habitat devices are currently sold only through the Internet. They are sent anywhere in the world, placing your order through this website (you can pay by card, PayPal or transfer). Once the order has been placed and paid, they are sent immediately. You will receive your order quickly depending on where you live (You can see approximate delivery time when placing your order).


Can I use different devices at the same time?

                The signals produced by ARE X Habitat devices are scalar. These types of waves are also known as Tesla Waves. Different Habitat devices can be used at the same time and on the same network without emission interference.

Do they have to be in sight or in some centralized outlet?

                They do not need to be placed anywhere visible. You can place it anywhere (in any plug) in the circuit that configures the electrical network of your home, premises or room. Some people prefer to place it in a more or less centralized outlet in the house to ensure that the emission reaches all corners of the area, but it is not necessary. If the enclosure is greater than 300 meters, it is suggested to use more than one device and pla cthem equidistant from each other to cover the complete installation.

How long will it take to receive my order?

                Within Spain, usually between 24 and 48 hours (considering business days). Europe 3 to 7 days. Rest of the world between 7 and 10 days.

¿How big is each device?

                Approximately 12.5 cm (length) x 6 cm (width) x 5 cm (height). Or 5×2.3×1.9 inches.

Can I buy just one?

                You can purchase only one unit, several of the same type of issue or several with different types of issue. Take advantage of the offer to purchase more than one model. You will save per superior purchase and also save on shipping costs.

How can you know that they fulfill their function? Is there some kind of test that can be done?

Kinesiological muscle tests can be performed before starting to use the device and after only 15 minutes of use. Any professional in this specialty will verify that there is an increase in energy. Bioenergetic meters, bioresonance devices and radionic devices can also be used to test the improvement in different parameters and the general increase in vitality (before, during and after a few minutes of exposure). Finally, a person with developed dowsing sensitivity and a simple pendulum or by means of a “biotensive” instrument will be able to verify the different energy fields improved after a minimum period of connection.

Do you have a trial period and technical guarantee?

                30-day trial guarantee. You can check its effectiveness in that period. In the unlikely event that it is not to your complete satisfaction, you may return / them and fully recover the amount paid (except shipping and customs costs, if any). 1 year technical warranty.

How is this ARE X Habitat device different from a classic radionic device or a modern radionic device like the ARE X3 Pro, for example?

                A ARE X Habitat device is used as a general generator of positive vibrations (radionic encodings) related to the theme you have chosen (well-being, protection, prosperity, etc.). It provides an excellent foundation for development in any of those fields. It is thought and designed to work very simply and efficiently at a very reasonable price. It does not require any adjustment. It does not need maintenance. It is only necessary to connect it to the grid, press the power button and let it act so that it benefits everyone within the specified range of action, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a perfect model to experiment and improve on a personal, family or group level, without the need for a higher investment.

A complete radionics device, such as the ARE X3 Pro, allows the user to customize any work, both therapy and personal development. Features orgone generator, trending dials, action dials, and automatic and manual orgone frequency dials. It is also very easy to use. With the complete radionics device ARE X3 Pro , specific pathologies or specific organs can be worked on at a vibratory level. It is fully adjusted to the particular needs of both the person who uses it and the subjects, animals or things on which it is projected. Allows remote actions, use computer programs, act on particular cases and problems, groups and a very long etc. (see on our website). Therefore, they are two different and complementary devices. The ideal would be to have both to cover any need. You can use both devices at the same time, making it easy to develop possibilities, make positive changes, and achieve general and specific goals.


Do you suggest using these devices in businesses, therapy centers, meeting spaces or places of meditation?

                Of course. They work very well in any place where there are people, where an improved environment is generally intended, or where it is intended that attendees increase their well-being, capacities, sensations, perceptions or abilities.


ARE X Habitat devices are marketed with a full satisfaction or money-back guarantee. You will have 30 days to verify its effectiveness. In the unlikely event that they are not to your complete satisfaction, you can return your purchase within that period, without the need for explanations and you will receive a refund of the amount paid immediately. This is a formal and written guarantee established for any country in the world.


Order any of the ARE X Habitat devices today and enjoy the advantages of using them

Entirely original model. Reject imitations. Own manufacture and distributors for exclusive sale.

Disclaimer.- In compliance with current legislation in any country in the world, it is clearly established that radionics is an experimental science and its devices act exclusively on subtle elements or the so-called Intrinsic Information Fields. Radionics and its devices (such as the one presented in this information) do not act or intend to act directly on the physical body. Nor is it intended to replace properly trained and accredited doctors or health professionals. If you have any health problems, you should see your doctor. CDIs or Intrinsic Information Fields are not intended to cure physical illnesses or adversely affect the physical organism in any way. These CDIs are alphanumeric encodings that are broadcast through the antenna. They are absolutely harmless. Its beneficial effects are not corroborated by the scientific community. In accordance with current legislation in any country in the world, we also clearly establish that any information in this advertising related to the organism will be understood at a non-physical or vibratory level and in relation to the existence of theoretical vibrational fields or levels whose existence is not still corroborated by scientific studies.